6 Word Memoir By: Haley Lopez

We experiment to get the truth.

-Sir Francis Bacon

We will never be fully satisfied.

-Thomas Hobbes

Express ideas with clarity and certainty.

-Rene Descartes

We get life, liberty, and property.

-John Locke

You cannot believe in any superstition.

-Francis Marie Arouet "Voltaire"

Nature is how we learn best.

-Jean Jacques Rousseau

Natural religion had reason and science.

-Thomas Paine

You're treated how you treat others.

-Haley Lopez

Most people wonder why we still study these philosophers today and what makes them so important. I believe that we still study these philosophers today because they've all impacted how we think or what we do today. For example, Sir Francis Bacon has impacted science today because he came up with the scientific method, and we're still using it today. I think that it's important that we learn about them because they make us think about things in a way we haven't thought of before. They were all philosophers and even though they all didn't agree in the same things, they all impacted us and people from the Enlightenment to the French Revolution and even to Thomas Jefferson. Even though it might be annoying and hard to understand exactly what they're saying and what they mean, learning about these philosophers truly helps us become better students.


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