The Abbey Lent 2017, Edited by Laura Bramall (U6)

Welcome to The Abbey newsletter for Lent Term 2017. We are proud that most of this publication has been created by the Abbey girls and edited by Laura Bramall (U6).

You can keep up to date with all of our news via Twitter @AbbeyRepton or on the Repton School website

Harmony silverware for the first time

Ready to perform after their last rehearsal: Lauren Owen, Ellie Henson (L6), Alice McShane (O Block), Lydia Johnson (L6) and Evie Lowndes (B Block)

The Abbey Harmony group sang beautifully to win the 'Highly Commended' trophy for Girls Houses in the House Harmony competition. They sang a very complex arrangement of Daft Punk's Pentatonix and won high praise from judge Ben Parry. Lydia Johnson (U6) did a brilliant job of setting the arrangement and the girls Lauren Owen, Elli Henson (L6), Alice McShane (O Block), Evie Lownds ( B Block) gave a polished performance that was testament to the regular rehearsals held by the girls.

We believe that despite our unrivalled success in The Unison Competition this is the first trophy The Abbey have won in The Harmonies. Well done girls!

Junior Netball Teams

Great Junior Netball Performance

Junior Netballers: Millie Cann, Amber Harcus, Sophia Ktori, Lucie Meuller, Sophie Walker, Melissa White (A Block), Freya Buckley, Holly Cook, Emily Dick, Abbie Leverton, Lucy Richards, Charlotte Steele, Zara Westwood (B Block).

Abbey is known more for its love of food then sporting success, but that does not mean our enthusiasm should be underestimated!

Our first match was against Mitre. Although watching goal after goal, our efforts were rewarded and gained us 3 goals by the end of the match, which were highly celebrated. Our next match against Field went from strength to eventually seal a win. Abbey, gaining confidence from the victory and some superb play, went on to play Garden. This match was hard fought and Abbey were winning by half time. The evenly matched houses continued to play a close game but Garden eventually came out on top. With the promise of pizza Abbey hoped for second place, this was achieved by the A team and the B’s narrowly missed out with third place. Happy with our results the teams celebrated with 'Dominos' that night.

Evie Lownds (B Block)

Great effort from Senior Netball too!

Senior Netballers who did so well despite some notable absentees due to injury: Lydia Johnson, Claudia Johnson, Georgie Needham, Ciara Allen, Emily Haskell, Laura Bacon (U6), Lizzie Allwood, Alice Earwicker (L6), Charlotte Abell, Eliza Benson, Sophie Earp, Sophie Richards & Harriet Reading (O Block).

Badminton Champions again!

Badminton Team: Lydia Johnson, Claudia Johnson (U6), Celia Li, Lizzie Allwood (L6), Sophie Palmer & Sophie Earp (O Block).

The Abbey have built up a great reputation for badminton in recent years. Abbey OR, Charmain Tam was a great fan and would have been proud of this year's team who played well in another excellent competition. The powerful strokes of top tennis seeds Claudia and Lizzie were a particular highlight!

Abbey so close in Debating again.

Abbey Debaters Laura Bramall (U6) and Sophie Palmer (O Block).
Laura and Sophie pose with other finalists, including the winners, Field.

For the second year the Abbey debating team came so very close to winning the House competition. The final was contested this term after several rounds of competition during Michaelmas. The B Team of Alice Earwicker and Ella Clowes had also faired well in the competition but our A team of Lara Bramall and Sophie Palmer entered the final with confidence after several good results while representing the School Team as well as experience of last year's final.

The debate this year centred on the question of press freedom and the standard of debate was extremely high. Field were worthy winners in the end and we are told that Abbey were very close to gaining the trophy. Sophie and Laura went on to represent Repton in several more debates over the term and can be very proud of themselves.

Barnes Squad Runners Up

This year commemorated the 100th anniversary of the infamous Barnes Squad.

For those of you who do not know, Barnes Squad is an A-Block competition centred around the CCF. In it we compete against other houses doing different tasks all based around the army. Our first challenge tested our orienteering and map reading knowledge, in which Fi excelled helping us towards the next task of climbing.

The aim was to get up and down the climbing wall as many times as we could in six minutes. Jemima, Sophie and I raced up and down it pushing the team onto our third task, a flight simulator. Of course Shirley, being the only RAF member in the team, managed to list endless numbers of combat, helicopters and training planes.

Six of us progressed onto first aid, while the others practiced for drill, I have to say giving mouth to mouth to a rubber dummy was probably my least favourite part of the afternoon. This led us to the team building exercises, then the most competitive event of the afternoon, drill.

We had been practicing for this every evening for the past fortnight running up to the event. As a team we performed at the best of our ability, with only a few minor errors. The day ended with swimming, shooting and finally the awards ceremony. The overall winners were Field house, however we did very well as we came girls runners-up. Well done to everyone involved, and good luck to next years A-Block involved!

Amber Harcus (A Block)

A Block in action during this year's Barnes Squad competition, ably led by Sophie Earp (O Block) and Celia Li (L6).

Russell Cup team show great spirit!

The annual Russell Cup event is the Sixth form equivalent to the CCF Barnes Squad competition for the A Block. The competition requires determination, agility and speed alongside a few more important qualities which Abbey girls are known for having – teamwork and house spirit!

The day began with the separation into two teams: physical and skills. The physical team, made up of Pippa, Cat, Laura, Charlotte, Sophie E and Clauds, first had the obstacle course to tackle. Through sheer desire to hopefully not be the last ones around the course, we got round in a very respectable time indeed! (Mitre eat your heart out!) The skills team, with Izzy, Lucy G, Hira, Rosie, Hattie and LJ, first had First Aid to master. Hira still didn’t know what CPR actually stood for, despite having special training in this area! Thankfully, shooting went a lot better, with all of us managing to actually reach a target without hitting any ceilings, walls or teachers during the process.

Next for the physical team was the swimming challenge. This involved making a raft out of canoes and staying on it, out of the water, for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, the girls lost an oar so a large time penalty was given! However, this did not lower our spirits one bit!

For the skills team, after first aid and shooting, was the climbing wall. A big shout out to Hattie who secured most, if not all of our points on this piece of apparatus….!

With our hands and wrists now all throbbing, we had navigation to do and then the dreaded ‘physical superstars’ task which was apparently meant for the skills team for some weird reason. After an attempt at using a compass and map to the best of our ability, Mr Marston was awaiting our arrival for the thing that the Abbey are renowned for – anything to do with sport (not). Nevertheless, with the unison song being sung to help get us through the 2 minute plank we had to do, we managed to come through with minimal complaining and no injuries overall.

Although not placing 1st, 2nd, (or even 3rd for that matter), we all enjoyed the afternoon greatly with big smiles on our faces.

Lucy Goodacre (L6)

Steep On the Move

Traff and Georgie Needham (U6).

In a bold move for sports journalism, Rebecca Trafford (Traff ), armed herself a with mobile recording device and recorded her impressions of this year's Steeplechase as it happened......

Currently squelching our way though ten feet of mud, rain and the occasional grassy patch a Mitre girl, a Garden girl and I, the slowest Abbey girl, are conquering the school infamous Steeplechase. The Garden girl, Abbie Bolt Allin, is sending funny videos of soaking Latham boys to her mother and the Mitre girl, Emilie, is wondering who we are as this is the first time that we've met her. Steeplechase is a beautiful thing as it brings together the weakest runners aka: the funniest of them all.

We've finally reached stable, solid ground and we're greeted by Mr Hunt who encourages us and tells us not to worry because “it's festival training without the six pack of cider". He's not wrong and he knows that.

In the distance or rather ten metres ahead, we can see two Field girls bonding with a Garden girl and three, two, one… Field girl number two is down. It seems that this Steeplechase has turned into a mission of everyman for himself. I don't blame them because the hot chocolate and crunchies that are awaiting us are in low supply.

About an eighth round the course, Abbie asked "Are we almost finished?" to which my answer was a laugh. There was then "Do we get house points for this?” to which I replied, “No, only the winners get points but we’re winners at heart".

She wasn't impressed with my impeccable sense of humour.

There was a hill. No one told us about the hill. When we saw the hill, we felt betrayed and victimised my the PE staff, especially you Mr Pollock who was apparently at this exact moment already welcoming Fenella over the finish line. However, with Mr Goodge shovelling out mounds of jellybeans, we got an extra boost of energy that rivalled the carbo loading of turkey pasta that I had eaten at lunch. Half way up the hill, we started seeing the slower runners from the junior boys Steeplechase. We had been bamboozled! Not only were we bringing up the rear for the senior girls race but the junior boys too! Part of me was proud of this momentous achievement but the chill that was etching its way up my soaking legs from the millions of puddles that I had purposefully jumped in, was telling me to get a move on, a hot chocolate and a bath were calling..

Seeing the finish line was the best moment of my Repton career. I could hear my Housemistress Mrs Wilbraham yelling for me to thrash my steeplechase pals and actually run the event that was supposed to be run. I obliged and managed to come 76 out of 78 girls.

Rebecca Trafford (U6)

Special mention for Issy and Alice (L6) who took a wrong turning while training for The Steeplechase in the pouring rain and ended up in Foremarke!

From Repton to Broadway

Several Abbey girls contributed to this year's Broadway-inspired charity cabaret. Lucy Goodacre, Lauren Owen (L6) and Alice McShane shone on stage while Lydia Johnson (U6) played clarinet in the band.

Behind the scenes, Ana Man (O Block) once again worked long hours as Assistant Producer to ensure a highly professional production was realised.

Lucy and Lauren
Alice and Lauren

Evie wins in Junior Music Competition

Evie Lowndes ( B Block ), topped off a highly successful term by winning the trophy for Junior Girls Classical Song in this year's House Music competition. Evie was also a member of the successful Harmonies group and was goalkeeper for the U14 A team

General Knowledge

Our General Knowledge Quiz team, fuelled with lots of sweets, did well in this year's House competition. The team were Cat McEwan, Lydia Johnson (U6), Pippa Coombs (L6), Sophie Earp (O Block), Amber Harcus (A Block) & Zara Wedgewood (B Block).

A Good Food Term

Nigel's spread for Chinese New Year

Our Chef Nigel has treated the Abbey girls to a great culinary term with highlights being Chinese New Year and Burns Night - where the girls really enjoyed sampling Haggis (there was none left!)

Burns Night

Abbey OR visitors this term

Chief Constable, Sue Fish visits The Abbey

We were delighted that former Abbey girl Sue Fish joined us for lunch during her recent tour of the school. Sue was Chief Constable for Derbyshire and the girls really enjoyed chatting with her.

Founders Day: Julia Needham and David Pepper

We were very pleased to celebrate Founder's day with Abbey OR, Julia Needham and her father David Pepper (Hall OR). Julia was at The Abbey during the 80s. Her daughter Georgie (pictured), is currently in Abbey U6. Also pictured below is Sophie Walker (B Block), whose mum Becky was also at the Abbey with Julia.

MBE for Olympian Shona McCallin

While on the subject of Abbey ORs, we could not pass on the opportunity to congratulate Shona McCallin of the GB Hockey team, on her MBE award, earlier this year. She has worked hard to promote hockey to young people in the months that have followed her Olympic success. We wish her all the best for the next cycle of GB matches.

Shona McCallin with her MBE

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