Marriage is Good for your Health

Married couples live longer and are happier and healthier according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. While it’s true that marriage boosts health at a statistical level, as an individual you only get that health advantage if your marriage is a happy one, recent research shows. Studies have found that married couples experience lower levels of heart disease, cancer, depression, and stress. Researchers have found that married individuals had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who never married or were previously married. These findings support the belief that unmarried people face more psychological stress than married individuals. It’s not just your physical health that marriage protects. It makes people far less likely to suffer mental health problems too. A US study found mental health improves consistently and substantially after marriage and deteriorates substantially after divorce or separation.

-"Marriage can help save your life

Having a partner their to support you throughout any illness can be hugely beneficial to your health. A 2013 study, in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, confirmed the belief that cancer patients with a supportive spouse tend to fare far better than those who are on their own.

-Married people live longer and are happier in most cases

Overall, 40 percent of married people, compared with about a quarter of singles or cohabitors, say they are "very happy" with life in general. Married people are also only about half as likely as singles or cohabitors to say they are unhappy with their lives. One recent study by Steven Stack and J. Ross Eshleman of 17 developed nations found that "married persons have a significantly higher level of happiness than persons who are not married," even after controlling for gender, age, education, children, church attendance, financial satisfaction, and self-reported health. Further, "the strength of the association between being married and being happy is remarkably consistent across nations."

-Marriage provides safety

Marriage lowers the risk that both men and women will become victims of violence, including domestic violence. Linda Waite conducted an analysis of the National Survey of Families and Households for our new book. She found that, even after controlling for education, race, age, and gender, people who live together are still three times more likely to say their arguments got physical (such as kicking, hitting, or shoving) in the past year than married couples.

-Marriage can lead to a greater financial gain

Married men are wealthier men. Married men earn between 10%-40% more than single men. They also receive promotions more frequently and earn more glowing performance reviews than their single co-workers. Married men also tend to save more than single men. in marriage

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