Syria Atanacio, Ulises, Fabian, Evelyn, and Mariah


Syria's official language is Arabic and their major religion is Sunni Muslim. People from different classes usually do not socialize with each other. Men usually wear long gowns called kaftans, and women wear long robes that only show their face, hands and feet. Sometimes, lower class men usually just wear a t shirt and pants. Both men and women wear head wraps.

Wheat is the major crop planted in Syria. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are also very popular. Lamb is the most popular meat but most people cannot afford it, so they don't eat it as much.


Syria has a Mediterranean climate. It usually gets hot and summers that are dry and mild. Drought is also a threat to Syria, facing scarce water resources. Winter usually gets wet. Rainfall raining approximately 300-500 Mm in the coastal area, and 200 Mm around desert areas. Snow and hail are rarely seen in Syria due to the hot weather.

Temperatures is 30 degrees Celsius around August and 4 degrees Celsius around January. Normally, in the central regions at the edge of the Syrian Desert, the corresponding temperatures are slightly higher; 31°C in summer and 7°C in the winter months.


Adopted: 1973; Delineates the basic functions of the state's government and its structure. It also defines Syria to be Arab, democratic, and republican. Other topics covered include rights, freedoms, and rule of the law. The Syrian capital is located in Damascus.

Turkey launched its first major military incursion into Syria in August, deploying tanks and air power in support of rebel groups opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey’s operation aims to drive Islamic State from the border and stop Kurdish militias from gaining ground in their wake.

Environmental Issues

Much of Syria's natural vegetation has been depleted by farming, livestock grazing, and cutting of trees for firewood and construction. The thick forests that once covered western Syria have been drastically reduced; as a result, soil erosion and desertification are extensive.

The salinity of the soil is also a problem, causing a loss of more than $300 million worth of agricultural products per year. Other environmental problems include pollution of coastal waters from oil spills and human wastes and contamination of inland waterways by industrial wastes and sewage.

Only 64% of the people living in rural areas have pure water. The pollution of the nation's water supply also leads to the spread of diseases. The nation's cities produce an average of 1.3 million tons of solid waste per year.

Compared to the....... United States of America

In 2014, the United States had 54% of clean water and around 30% of the drinking water has pollution. The drinking water quality is around 70% pure and the pollution in water body's is around 45%. Although the water pollution is a bit higher in the United States than in Syria, Syria does not have enough money or technology to clean or protect the water bodies. That's why environmental conditions are worse for people that live in Syria struggle more than Amercians.


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