#LetHerSwim End 40 years of captivity and let lolita go

Lolita has lived in captivity for over 44 years at The Miami Seaquarium, after being kidnapped from her mother as a newborn
She has been forced to perform shows for thousands of people, everyday.
And lives in an illegally small tank. Orcas swim 100 miles a day in the wild, Lolita swims in circles and crashes into the concrete walls due to stress

Campaign Overview and Objective

The goal of this campaign is to bring awareness to the cruelty of the Miami Seaquarium and bring more eyes to the illegality of Lolita's living situation. This will be done through social media posts from the campaign, but also engaging the audience to post their own content and bring awareness.

Tangible Goals
  • Raise money for legal defense through donations as well as a merchandise store in order to sue the Miami Seaquarium for the tank size
  • Hold regularly scheduled peaceful protests outside of The Miami Seaquarium to bring awareness of Lolita's situation to Miami natives.
  • Release Lolita and transport her to Puget Sound Sanctuary, where she can be free and taken care of.
Examples of Merchandise sold
laptop skin
t shirt

Target audience

  • Animal rights activists already involved in this scene
  • Young people looking to get involved through social media, ages 14-28
  • Hopefully the virality of the "post your own video and tag 3 others" part of the campaign actress big name celebrities

Current Approaches to issue

The Orca Network has created a Documentary titled Lolita: a slave to entertainment, They have also tried to start lawsuits but have been unsuccessful. They have a website that looks outdated, and it's their only outreach mechanism which doesn't really work

Miracle March for Lolita was a march with over 1,00 people from all over the US came to Miami to march and bring awareness.

documentary flyer
Facebook event for march

Campaign Deliverables

  • Gain 100,000 followers within first month through image and testimonial content
  • introduce video campaign and reach 500,000 followers at the end of two weeks of campaign, that is when merchandise and fundraising should be introduced
  • have over 1,000,000 followers on all platforms after video challenge starts becoming viral
  • Hire prominent celebrities who are animal rights activists to perform the video challenge and help gain more traction
  • have the hashtag #letherswim be a trending topic on twitter, and featured on the Instagram explore page
  • gain national media attention by the end of the second month
  • raise over $1,000,000 to hire prominent lawyers for court battle and transportation of Lolita

Social media outreach plan

  • let the images do the talking, post pictures of the size of the tank compared to orcas natural habitat. use facts to relay the injustice of her living space.
  • create AJ+ style videos that are sharable on Facebook and Twitter that explain the situation in detail.
  • everything is hashtagged with #LetHerSwim
  • create shareable testimonial videos and post of, orca experts as well as ex employees of the Miami SeaAquarium, discussing the cruelty
  • organize Facebook events where people can organize and march to bring awareness to Lolita, and other whales in captivity across the US
  • start a campaign in which you upload a challenge video of you trying to swim in a bathtub, comparing it to Lolita's living quarters. The video should be engaging, and funny because participants will be splashing around in a small bathtub. Then when they give up they challenge three other friends to do the same as well as donate to the page or buy merchandise in order to support. This will be called the #LetHerSwimChallenge and will hopefully bring traction to the social media pages of the campaign
  • the incentive to do this challenge is raffling away a trip to Puget Sound to see Orcas in the wild.


Through Social Media outreach and hopefully the virality of the challenge enough awareness to the cruelty of the Miami Seaquarium will be brought that hopefully it leads to her freedom and transportation to rehabilitation facility and open water. Hopefully the viralness of this campaign will not only just damage the profits of the Miami Seaquarium but ultimately shut it down and start a trend of closing places of animal captivity.


Created with images by Hans - "killer whale orcinus orca orka"

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