CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 2 | 21 february

Principal’s Column

This time of year all schools in Victoria are going through the process of determining their school council for the year. Every year, councillors who’s terms have ended leave their position open. This year we had 3 open parent positions, and received 3 parent nominations. As there is an even amount of nominations to positions open, we are not required to go to ballot.

I’d like to congratulate, Stephen Lawson, Robbie Napper and Paul Cavicchiolo who will be joining us on School Council on the 25 March. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our parent reps who are leaving, Oktay Kaya, Helen Nicoll and Kate Copping for their contribution to School Council over the past years.

Oktay and Helen have provided much support to School Council as well as their involvement in many working parties such as Wellbeing, OSHC, P&F, Building and Grounds and Technology. I’d also like to publicly acknowledge Kate Copping as being the elected School Council President over the past 3 years and her work on many major projects over the years. She has contributed to the development of the whole school AIMS document, Capital Works project, being a member on many working parties, such as Education, Camp and P&F, as well as being on three Principal panels within one year. CNPS greatly thanks all our School Council members for their contribution to helping our school be the best it can be.

I would also like to thank our staff reps, Stephen Sharpe and Carmel Post who have also given up their time to be part of the many late night discussions as well as being involved in working parties such as Building and Grounds, Sustainability, Community Engagement and Capital Works. We would like to congratulate Lillian Hancock and Sebastian Goder (our newly appointed co Business Manager), who will be joining the School Council Team.

School Council is held at the end of every month. If you would like to be a visitor at School Council, please email our school account letting us know that you will be joining us.

Until next fortnight,

Have a good one,


Captains Coloumn

What I Like About CNPS This Year

By Esme Alves

I love school, because I enjoy learning stuff and hanging out with my friends at recess and lunch. I am really happy that the houses have come back, because I think lots of old and new students will enjoy them.

I think CNPS has really good teachers that help students learn and feel safe in the classroom, by letting us make mistakes, and expanding our passions. This year I am really looking forward to lots of stuff, like camp, learning new things, meeting the new students and passion projects. Passion projects let us share things we want to learn more about.

I have had a great start to grade 6, and I hope the greatness continues through the year.

Digital Technology and eSafety at CNPS

Last week, the students participated in activities and discussion as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’ on Tuesday the 11th February. On Safer Internet Day, millions of people around the world unite to raise awareness about online safety issues and inspire positive change. The students engaged with various topics relating to eSafety, including keeping personal information safe, cyberbullying and responsible social media use.

Digital Technologies User Agreements have been sent home with all students in the last week to be signed. If a form hasn’t made it home, or a replacement is needed, please see your child’s classroom teacher.

eSafety Tips

Kids demanding having a new app that apparently everyone one has is not uncommon in many households. It can be confusing and overwhelming knowing what the right thing is to do. We recommend visiting the Common Sense Media website, which is an independent, nonprofit and research backed company who has been providing entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools since 2003.

Common Sense Media rates movies, TV shows, books and technology so that parents can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids. They offer the largest trusted library of independent age-based ratings and reviews. Their timely parenting advice supports families as they navigate the challenges and possibilities of raising kids in the digital age.

We recommend looking at this site, and letting your children know that your decision will be based upon what is recommended by this site. This minimizes those disagreements between both parents and children as the rules between both you and your child are met. “You can go on this site, when you reach the age that is recommended on this site”. Click on the button below, and add the link to your favorites.


The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is a fantastic online resource for parents and children to learn more about being CyberSmart and CyberSafe when it comes to the digital environment.

It is a place where as parents you can learn about the digital environment and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experiences. eSafety Parents has plenty of tips and practical steps along the way so you can help your child explore safely and manage online issues should they arise.

Fact: On average, children aged 10 to 14 years have 2 active social media accounts.

  1. Talk regularly with your child about privacy settings on social media. Updating your own privacy settings sets a great example and helps you understand potential safety issues. Be aware of any minimum age requirements.
  2. Keep your ears and eyes open. Other parents and the media can be a great source of information when it comes to the latest or most preferred app.
  3. Let your child know that you’re really interested in how they’re connecting with friends. They might be more inclined to talk openly about social media if you talk about what others (their friends and peers) are doing online.

Anaphylaxis Information

Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction when a person is exposed to an allergen. The most common allergens in children are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (e.g. cashews), cow's milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, certain insect stings and medications. Anaphylaxis is a serious health issue for a percentage of the population and the school recognises the key to preventing an anaphylactic reaction by a student is knowledge, awareness and planning.

The last couple of years at Coburg North Primary we have had an increase in students who suffer from Anaphylaxis. The DEECD Legal unit was contacted for advice on this. Below is an excerpt from the advice we received:

The guidelines state that it is not recommended that schools ban food or other products known to cause anaphylaxis because

  • It can create complacency amongst staff and students
  • It does not eliminate the presence of hidden allergens
  • It is difficult to 'ban' all triggers: not all triggers are limited to peanuts and nuts.

It is preferable that the school raise awareness about anaphylaxis in the school community so that there is an increased understanding of the condition. The school may also wish to help parents/carers to identify more suitable food options for their children.

At CNPS this means we do not ban foods being brought to school, but we do ask you consider how you send them and that you discuss with your child how they can ensure other children are safe. Some ways of doing this include:

  • Reminding children that they are not to share food at school
  • Keeping any products with nuts in a safely secured container
  • Talking to your children about allergies.

The following is a list of grades that have students with allergies and what they are allergic to.

  • Foundation: nuts, coconut, pineapple, kiwifruit, eggs, dairy products, sesame paste (eg tahini), dustmites
  • Grade 1: (none)
  • Grade 2:Nuts
  • Grade 3: Nuts, sesame paste, shellfish, salmon, lentils
  • Grade 4: Nuts
  • Grade 5: Nuts, bee stings
  • Grade 6: Nuts

Note: There is an Anaphylaxis Policy for the school on our CNPS website, for more details about Anaphylaxis.

Parents and Friends

Fundraising Totals

Considering the disruption to the school’s infrastructure, particularly the kitchen, the P&F is delighted that events in 2019 managed to raise a creditable $45,940. Events at the end of the year, the Christmas stall and the Christmas hamper raffle raised $2700 and $930 respectively. Thank you to all parents and carers who gave their time in 2019 - your help is, as always, greatly appreciated.

Free Biscuits … aka Coffee Morning

The Parents & Friends' Coffee Morning is back. After a long absence due to the school's building works, Jasmin is back with her Vagabond Coffee van, with the first event to take place next Friday, February 28, from 8.30am-9.30am. You'll find the van at the Jersey Street entrance (near the basketball courts), and there will be free baked goods provided by the P&F group. Please note: due to time considerations, do not order coffee or hot drinks for school students. Stay tuned for future coffee morning dates.

Vegetable boxes

Parents & Friends has been offered a potentially exciting opportunity, which can raise funds for the school at the same time as providing families with healthy organic fruit and vegetables and building community.

local organic delivery is a local business offering to deliver fresh organic produce to the school on a weekly basis. For each box delivered, the school will receive $5. But we need a minimum of 15 boxes to be ordered to make it a viable proposition for local.

The veggie boxes are organic, plastic-free with recycled cardboard packaging. This fundraising opportunity will serve a number of purposes including raising funds for the school, connecting families to healthy organic produce and further engaging students in sustainability.

The farmer, Serge, from local organic delivery will also be available to come to CNPS to teach children about organic farming, growing food, sustainability and healthy eating.

There are three box sizes:

  • Small (1-2 people) $49
  • Medium (2-3 people) $64
  • Large (4-5 people) $79

The boxes will be delivered every Wednesday afternoon ready for school pick-up, and be available strictly between 3pm and 4pm.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this proposal. If you are interested, can you please complete the short survey below: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/35P5JS5

For any questions on the service, go to https://www.localorganicdelivery.com.au/pages/faq

Second Hand Uniform Stall

Seeking: An enthusiastic self-starter with an interest in vintage fashion for an exciting role in retail in Coburg North … well, actually, Parents & Friends is looking for someone to take on the highly rewarding and satisfyingly sustainable role of co-ordinating the monthly second-hand uniform sale. If anyone is interested, please email Parents & Friends at cnps_pf@hotmail.com

Events To Look Forward To

Parents & Friends has already planned out many of the year’s community and fundraising events. Here are a few to put in the diary:

  • Harmony Day, March 19
  • Hot Cross Bun Day, March 25
  • Mother’s Day Stall, May 8
  • Trivia Night June 20
  • Father’s Day Stall, September 4
  • And … the Christmas Stall, December 11

Up Coming Events

  • Bullying No Way! National day of action, March 6
  • Harmony Day, March 19
  • Hot Cross Bun Day, March 25

Community News

The Coburg Football Club at City Oval are building their junior boys and girls football teams for this coming year. They are having a come and try day on the next two Sundays. They are trying to get boys and girls teams in under 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.

The first 20 girls that register for 2020 get free registration and playing uniform (saving $200)

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