Trailer of My Life By: Nolan B

Multiple Intelligence

My primary intelligence is Naturalistic. Although I disagree with this being my primary, I feel that it does suit me well, since it is a more observant thinker, who makes connections between the real world and whatever work I am doing. I think I am more of a mathematical thinker, who uses formulas to solve common problems and situations.

Three careers that fit my primary intelligence are, Biologist, Biochemist, and Zoologist

Learning Style

My Learning style was identified as tactile (45%) but followed very closely by visual (40%). I feel like this reflects my learning style very well because I grasp concepts better when I get to do an activity using them or even watching a teacher or other student use it, rather than just hearing an example of how to do it. Although this learning style is often overlooked and thought to be a worse way of teaching, it has very useful implications and helps students with different learning styles that have trouble succeeding as well as they could.

Career Match Maker

The top three career matches on my career cruising were Nuclear Engineering, Biologist, and Petroleum engineer. Although I do agree with these because of their need for analytical thinking and uses of science and math, I think if career cruising had a larger range of jobs I would have gotten something more like, physicist and astrophysicist.

Holland Hexagon & True Colours

The top two areas of interest I received on the Holland Hexagon test were, Investigative, and Conventional. I agree with these completely because they are the styles that are more analytical and thought based. This matches the rest of all of my test and sums up my learning, and thinking styles very well. The True Colours test even further confirms this, since I got the colour green, which is the scientific, and thinking colour.

This concludes the first segment of Nolan's life: The Early Years

Will Nolan go to the University of Waterloo, and achieve his dream of becoming an astrophysicist?

Find Out Next Time ON, Trailer Of My Life Part 2

Nolan When his friends kicked his chair when trying to sit down


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