Silk producing goats. By: Omar Villegas

History: Spider Silk is a very strong and elastic material, scientist have been trying to use it for artificial ligaments and tendons and other medical uses. There is only one problem: Due to spiders being territorial a spider farm would be impossible so Randy Lewis, a professor of Molecular Biology, from the University of Wyoming figured out a way to produce spider silk in large ammounts. A silk producing goat is a goat whos genes have been mixed with a spiders in order for them to produce an extra protein in their milk that makes silk.
Pros: GMO crops produce a toxic bacteria that repels insects but is harmless to humans, GMOs need less care than regular organisms and have an overall greater nutritional value. Cons: Many people consider modifying an animals genes for our taste up is wrong, the long-term effects of GMOs have yet to be seen and using GMOs is putting small farmers out of business.
I think GMOs are the future, humans have always looked for the most efficent way of doing things, and this is the most efficient way of getting the best food, or other products like silk from other organisms. GMOs for me are fine as long as the process they use don't actually harm the animal.
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Omar Villegas

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