The Secret War By:Jesus benitEz

Chapter 1

A forgotten memory

"This was the tree, and it seemed to me standing there to resemble those men, the giants of your childhood... I t his double demotion the old giants have become pigmies while you were looking the other way," (Knowles 14)

The tree in Devon will always be remembered by Gene as that is were he went from a boy to a man

Dear diary,

It was a long time since I last went to Devon. I grew up there and that is where I found out who I really was. The school was changed a lot, but not the stairs. The stairs were the sign of my misery at the school. My friends helped go through these tough times for me. The war and Devon really changed me. The tree by the river. This is where my life changed. I had just returned to Devon for a summer semester. I met up with my friends, Finny really was my true friend. If it weren't for him I would be a different man. The time we jumped the tree and into the river was like turning the page into the next chapter. After we jumped, I figured out that Finny really was friend and my role model. The tree was a place I'll never forget. As I walked by, all my memories of Devon of Devon came back.



Chapter 2

The Super Suicide Society

The creation of the Super Suicide Society had the boys want to jump of trees

"If Phineas pressed hard enough, that there might be a flow of simple, unregulated friendliness between them, and such flows were one of the Finny's reasons for living," (Knowles 22).

Dear diary,

Mr.Prud’Homme figured out that Gene and I had gone skipped dinner. I did not really care because Gene and I had a great time. I think that he jumped the tree because I had. I really think that he is a great friend. I do not really mind what other people say of me. Everyone's always judging me, but I do not mind. I am one person and I'm not going to be copying everyone. Today was fun because we created the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. Gene almost fell off the tree, but I helped him regain his balance. It was not really anything. I am just his friend.



Chapter 3

An exciting day

The beach were Gene and Finny hanged out after an exciting day

Dear diary,

Today I invented a game called blitzball. It is very fun and exciting to play. This game really shows what I am good at. I really love sports. I think when I grow up I want to be an athlete after the war, but at the same time I don't want people bossing me around. I just like having fun with all my friends. Also, I beat the swimming record. I felt that it was easy. I do not anyone to find out that I beat the swimming record. Society is just so strict and confusing. I just want to live life and enjoy it. Maybe one day I'll run away to an island with my friends. I'll just play all day and at night I'll relax at the shore before the day ends. The bead was really fun with Gene. I just did whatever I want. I didn't care if people were watching over me. I feel like this is going to be a great summer.



Chapter 4

A Secret Competition

Gene thinks that Finny is trying to sabotage his grade

Dear Diary,

After a great day at the beach, I woke up and I forgot that I had a test. I ended up failing the test. I wanted to study for French, but Finny kept on distracting me. I did bad on my French test too. I am usually a top student, but recently my grades have been pretty low. I had an idea, Finny is trying to ruin my grades. He is comparing his sports to my studies. I am going to try my best to improve my grades. I am going to ignore Finny. I don't think he is my friend. He is my enemy. That is what I thought. While we were on the tree, I give him a little push. He actually ended up falling, and I think he hurt his leg. Was it my fault?



Chapter 5

An Incident that changed me

Finny is trying to find the positive in breaking his leg

Dear Diary,

I just figured out that my leg was brokeNy

Chapter 9 A new beginning

Gene figures out that he has to take Finny's place

Chapter 7

A war to join

The boys want to join the war, as Devon is boringness for them

Chapter 8

Gene wants to follow Finny's plans and wants to be in the olympics

Dear Diary,

Gene is my best friend and since I got hurt, I want Gene to take my spot. I don't want Gene to join the war, because I don't want him to get hurt or get killed. I think that Gene truly is athletic, and he will be able to kill it in the olympics. I want him to take over my role in this school. When we went to the gym, I wanted to show him his potential that I see in him. Hpif he is truly my friend he will listen to me. I will train him. All I want is for him to trust me.

Chapter 9

Leper decides to join the war to gain respect

Dear Diary.

I can't believe that Leper has decided to join the war. I want everyone to stay here in Devon. I never intended to join the war, but I don't want everyone to join the war. The government is just trying to ruin all our fun. Why can't we just make our own rules. Also, they should all just stop making fun of Leper. He is risking his life to join the war. I decided to make the winter carnival for everyone to forget all about the war. All i want to do is have fun. I really liked how everyone forgot about the war. If this could just happen everyday



Chapter 10

Gene walking with Leper and finding out about the war

Dear diary,

I can't continue no more. The war has gotten me. I can't stop seeing things. All I see is body parts. I'm so happy that Gene visited me. He is my friend. I also know that he is a dangerous person that cannot be trusted by anyone. I know that he pushed Finny. Als he knocked me off my chair. All I want to do is talk with him. He also left me outside alone. He is a bully and he will be caught. I will have to do it myself. I will tell everyone about what happen.



Chapter 11

Game-Ski Dodge

The object of the game is simple. A person in skis must dodge the snowballs. A path is made and they must reach the end. If they get they must go back. They have a 10 minute time limit. The people throwing he snowballs must be 10 yards away. This relates to the book because Gene are trying to dodge the evil inside of themselves.

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