Tattoos on the Heart By: Ashley herbert

Preface: The preface is about how Homeboy Industries started. It has a bit of back story on Fr. Greg Boyle's life. My favorite story is Luis's. He said white people always say great, and went home to his daughter and she said her home was great. I think this shows that we should have a positive outlook on life.
Chapter 3- Compassion: This chapter is about using love and compassion towards others. My favorite stories were Looney's and the homeless. Looney came in to G's office and said he got straight A's but only had one and Father Greg went along with it.. He showed that seeing the positive is what matter. The homeless were staying in the church at night and after people realized it was a good thing they said it smelled like roses. This chapter showed me to see people with a loving heart.
Chapter 8- Success: This chapter is about using a breakthrough to help others. My favorite story is Soledad's. She is the mother of two sons who are in gangs. After a son dies the second has to be there for her. She was crying so much over the loss of her son, the other said it was enough and she then stopped mourning. Hours after that the other son died. In the hospital for an irregular heartbeat, she sees a wounded boy, and realizes he was her sons rival, but she prayed for him. This showed me we need to be forgiving and use our own success to help others.

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