Ceramic Tray Nina ricciuti

This was my original sketch idea. It is of a square tray with an additional piece attached on top. I had intentions of the tray being rectangular rather than square but it ended up being less difficult to be in a square shape.

The two photos above are where my idea hatched from. I knew I wanted a tray but I wanted it to be a little different and unique. The photos I found online are of leather trays but it portrayed the edges of the top add on the way I wanted them to be depicted.

Here I am rolling out my slab to start off my project. I needed to create four sides and one base for the initial part of the tray. Then for the smaller addition piece on the top, I needed a smaller slice of clay and I shaped the edges upwards rather than adding them in.

Here is a photograph of the base with two of the four sides attached. It is in the leather hard stage.

This is a tool I frequently used during my project. My project consisted of a lot of slip and scoring so this tool, known as the rib, helped me to refine the sides to make the tray look neater.

This is tree of the four sides attached. Only one more to go!!!! The last side was actually the hardest to attach on to it due to the structure of the tray.

This is after the final attachment of the fourth side. I need to get the top trimmed so all the sides are evened out and not lop sided. Next I will need to attach my top piece. I want it to be placed on an angle and it could be used for small items such as jewelry or keys.

Here is an actual view of my almost finished project. It just needs to be fired and glazed after it sets out to dry. I am excited to see how it turns out. I feel like this turned out successful for my standards due to me being sick and absent so frequently. I hope after I end up glazing it that I will continue to be satisfied with it.

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