Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jose mostajo

I found the flower exhibit to be quite appealing. The reason I chose to take a picture with this exhibit is because it reminded me of my grandmother, I grew up with her and I remember watching her take care of her garden with a lot of care. It caught my attention because of the beautiful colors the flowers presented. I understood that it takes a lot of dedication to care for plants, its a commitment. This experience was enjoyable because it brought great memories.

The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to appreciate nature for more than its economic value. As I walked through the butterfly garden I stopped by a rock where butterflies were feeding on a banana peel which was placed by one of the workers. Although in nature species can sustain themselves pretty well, the human species has evolved and conquered most lands and inhabited what at one point was the natural habit for many species. Walking through the garden I noticed that this was the case. Because we have that power to infringe on land and other species habitats, I feel a sense of responsibility and duty to care for the environment. I noticed that people around me also admired the scenery.

how does the Natural History museum help us step out of our ordinary lives? How does it help us better understand who we are and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world?

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