Fevold Wedding Part I

It was a gorgeous June day in the far east corner of eastern Montana. The howling wind that had plagued the region for days prior to the wedding had subsided, and revealed a truly serene, beautiful scene.

Natasha's makeup was out of this world. Her professional talents are mind blowing, and created a gorgeous look that was straight out of a magazine.

The dress was absolutely gorgeous. The dress was a beautiful combination of crystals, ivory and lace to create a stunning gown to captivate and wow not only her groom, but everyone who laid eyes on her. Natasha looks absolutely stunning, everyone in her family was immensely proud and happy for this gorgeous lady.

The wedding was in Glendive Montana, which is nestled into the badlands of the region, and is home to Makoshika State Park. The region is desert like this year, with droughts unlike anything the region has seen in a century. The amount of love between Travis and Natasha is so strong, that no amount of drought could kill or defeat it. Their love is unlike anything I have ever seen. Natasha and Travis are a fit made in heaven. Their personalities are so similar, and so perfect for each other that there is no comparison.

I was elated when Natasha said she wanted to do their first look in Makoshika State Park, it was truly a gorgeous location for our photographs, and especially our first looks.

The ceremony was officiated by a close friend to the couple, in fact, a close friend to the entire bridal party. The bride was walked down the aisle by her uncles Tom and Joe,

The couple kept the ceremony short and sweet. They said their vows in front of 200 guests, at the Dawson County Fair Grounds in Glendive.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of Travis + Natasha's wedding day, I will be posting another sneak peek of their reception photos shortly!



Victoria Shoopman Photography

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