10 Technology Tips Charlie griesbeck

1. when using free WI-FI you are open to any attacks to your phonewww.lifehacker.com

2. The internet is life with scamswww.lifehacker.com

3. Keeping your stuff backed up on a drive makes sure you always have your passwords,photoswww.lifehacker.com

4. Technology will cost you a lot but you have to make sure all of your stuff is private so people can't steal your identity, cost you more money.www.lifehacker.com

5. When you are on social media make sure you don't click on any links you don't know because those are hackers.www.lifehacker.com

6.Do not click on pop ups.www.21things4students.net

7.you should always clean out your hard drive.www.lifehacker.com

8. always renew your anti virus

9. keep passwords safe.www.lifehacker.com

10. work smarter not harderwww.teachingmonster.com


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