Pop Art Malik Brown

Pop Art began in the 1950s, but became very popular in the 1960s. It started in the United Kingdom, but became a true art movement in New York City with artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns.
Pop art is based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.

Pop's reintroduction of identifiable imagery was a major shift for the direction of modernism. The subject matter became far from traditional "high art" themes of morality, mythology, and classic history; rather, Pop artists celebrated commonplace objects and people of everyday life, in this way seeking to elevate popular culture to the level of fine art.

The freedom of expression in pop art has made it very easy for people to express themselves, and the isolation of simple objects in order to draw designs has really propelled this type of art to another level. This type of art became popular in the 1960s, and the distinct style of expression has made it very easy for people to draw what they feel like.

Four famous artist from pop art are Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg.
The expressive resources of pop art are similar to those of the mass media, such as film, advertising, television and comic sketches. The Pop Art was actually an artistic reaction to the movement of Abstract Expressionism of the 1940s and 1950s.

Materials- The materials most used by Pop Art artists were derived from new technologies that emerged in the mid-twentieth century. Foam rubber, polyester and acrylic were widely used by artists of this movement.

The term “pop-art” comes from English meaning “popular art.”

10 Photos of Pop Art
I chose pop art because it was the only type of art that I knew about, I knew about it because I seen it a lot as a child in comics and cartoons. What made me like it was how the paintings and photos were laid out and the designs in the art.
Comic like pictures were commonly painted in the pop art movement.

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