Archeology Josue Perez

KVAHC Meeting

  • The presenter was Mr. Davis
  • He gave an oral update on the blueberry site and the things that had happened there recently such as the beginning processes for TU9
  • He went on to present his website which featured many of the trips he takes his science classes on, and some of the work his students created in the lab and in the field
The first order of business was to replace a broken datum. We installed the new one, and made sure it was level and to the precise measurements Dr. Butler wanted it.
We then went on to map TU9
After it was fully mapped and precise, we cleared the edges.
And the final touch, we placed a rod in the center and cleared out and screaned the surface and took soil samples.
In attendance were Isaac, Diana, Lauren, Hilary, Josue, Misty, Siyona, Gabbie, Ashley, Mr.Davis, and Dr.Butler

Overall, the beginning of TU9 was exciting and interesting, it was the first time we were privileged to do this. It was a long,complicated, and complex ordeal, but we succeeded. And at the end, seeing the final product, made it worth all the hard work.

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