Hunters in the Jungle By: Anosh Taraporevala

I was woken by a loud bang! The air smelt like rusted metal. In the corner of my eye I saw a group of men with sharp shiny objects and long, hollow brown sticks. They were about three miles away. What should I do?

I ran down to the house of elders as fast as I could. My feet stung when they came into contact with pebbles and rough dirt. After what seemed like hours, I finally reached the house of elders.

“State your name, species, and reason for coming,” the paw-lice agent barked. The paw-lice agent was a dog with a long brown speckled snout.

“My name is Mr. Bear and I am a bear. The reason I have to get in is because I need to talk to Wise Rabbit. It's about the hunters.”

When I told him the bad news, his face turned pale. “Follow me,” the paw-lice agent barked urgently. He walked briskly into the building so fast I considered if he was a cheetah. I had to run to keep up. He directed me down a hallway and into a large room. He called out, “Wise Rabbit. A visitor has pressing information.¨

A short and frail rabbit turned looked at me with curiosity. “Hello, I’m Wise Rabbit. Is there a problem?” he asked.

“Yes. The hunters are here,¨ I confirmed. Wise Rabbit’s expression turned from curious to terrified. Wise Rabbit gravely looked at the paw-lice agent and sighed in annoyance.

“Get all paw-lice agents notified of this and send the evacuation warning. Get everybody off the premises,” Wise Rabbit shouted.

The paw-lice agent spoke into his walkie-talkie and barked a few commands. Within a few seconds of him saying those words sirens blared all over the jungle and an unknown voice barked, “Hunters are coming. Hide in your habitat. Do not confront them. I repeat, do not confront the hunters.”

Wise Rabbit questioned, “So were there any more details we should know?”

“Yeah. There were carrying some sharp shiny objects. They also had some brown long sticks that were hollow.”

Wise Rabbit concludingly stated, “Well, since all the animals are safe, all we have to do is stay hidden and wait the hunters out.”

Eight days after the hunters came, the council of elders called a meeting that I was invited to. Agent sly fox announced that he had overheard the hunters saying that they wanted the pelt of the giant grizzly bear. Together, the council came up with a plan. I have to admit, the plan was pretty good, but I didn’t like my own part. I was given a walkie-talkie and told to go in position.

Once I was in position, I took my walkie-talkie and clarified, “This is Mr. Bear. I am in position. Over.”

An unknown voice replied, “You can begin when you choose. Over.” I was hiding behind a rock about half a mile away from the hunters. I emerged from the rock and howled so loud animals six miles away could have heard the massive roar. Then I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Suddenly, loud bangs shook the jungle and a small pellet whizzed past my ear.

I was scared but I managed to keep running. I hid behind a big group of rocks and peeked over. I saw them, the hunters.

“Where’d the lil feller go. Y'all better catch this beast nor we’ll never see the sun again.”

I whispered into the walkie-talkie, “They are in position. Over.”

A herd of elephants suddenly came into view from the thick forest and surrounded the hunters. They blasted them with water stored in their hefty trunks. While the hunters were stunned, monkeys swooped down and snagged the hunters shiny sharp objects and hollow sticks.

Then what happened next was truly terrifying. All the animals roared, screamed, shouted at the hunters. It was as if they were expressing their hatred to the hunters for all the animals that had lost their lives for their pelts.

The elephants trumpeted, the monkeys screeched, and I roared as loud as I possibly could. The hunters must have been frightened to death because they turned around and ran as fast as their little tiny legs could carry them.

Once they had left, all the animals cheered for joy because the jungle was safe. Wise Rabbit stood up with a microphone and joyfully said, “To commemorate this joyous occasion, we will celebrate and feast at the farmhouse!” After that, all the animals cheered loudly again.

At the feast, I filled up on honey and salmon sashimi. Then, Wise Rabbit stood up on the podium and asked us for his attention. Wise Rabbit acknowledged, “First and foremost, I’d like to thank the paw-lice for evacuating everyone safely. Also, we wouldn’t have known about the hunter's whereabouts if a local citizen didn’t warn us. Mr. Bear, please come onto the stage.” I wish I could savor the moment forever. Wise Rabbit beckoned me towards him. Once I was on stage, he bellowed, “Mr. Bear, I give you the highest honor in the jungle. The honorary pin of jungleness!”

After the ceremony, I decided to treat myself to some honey. I put some honey in my mouth and my taste buds tingled with delight. “Ahhhh. This is the life,” I affirmed.


Created with images by - "Honolua Jungle" • Alexas_Fotos - "european brown bear wild animal furry" • Mostly Dans - "rabbit" • jans canon - "Fox" • Sam Howzit - "Elephant in the Jungle" • werner22brigitte - "grizzly bear dangerous" • Jason Riedy - "Bottled honey"

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