Galen Fortner An Ambitious Learner

Soul and body I indeed love to be an entrepreneur and I absolutely am infatuated with experimenting with beguiling ideas. However, sometimes in spite of being an entrepreneur I find myself stuck in a rut between two marvelous ideas. Bickering and wrangling with myself to resolve my decision for as to which I shall drop so I may spotlight the superior of the two. A recent illustration portrays myself going into the ever so vast stock market to explore and probe into the vast amount of stock information.

Hamlet Act 4, I don't believe I shall ever cast aside these marvelous books. Beginning at age fourteen I started looking into Shakespeare and his works due to an anime (Japanese Animation) that I was watching at the time. Reflecting, I would have to say I was more intrigued with why the animation was infused with so much material from Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth. However, what was once curiosity soon sprouted into a fascination that spanned the course of so far half a decade. Presently, I'm still pondering why I've become so infatuated with this mans literature.

Proceeding forward with my introduction, now that I have shed some light on who I am. Hopefully, this has helped you construct a mental image of myself. Allow me to formally introduce myself! I'm Galen Fortner, currently nineteen years of age and exploring the vast ever expanding universe of college. Regarding my personal interest, they happen to be very wide in genre and style. However, here are some excellent examples such as Japan, anime, dogs, cars, guns, traveling, and bringing it to a conclusion with stock markets.

Analyzing my values this semester really helped me understand my priorities in life. I've since then applied and self-adjusted my habits to adjoin or compensate for any aspects that needed such. This assisted greatly with forgoing the overwhelming majority of complications that arose. Examples of scenarios in which it graciously assisted with were with encompass the people I associated with, my ideologies, study methods, and my perspective on events and their outcomes. Overturning the simplest scenarios such as the scene from "The Phantom Menace." First glance barely grazes its true meaning, as a key visual snapshot that defines the characters personalities.

Throughout the entirety of my nineteen years of life I've experienced and learned many things that in return benefited largely in portion to whom I've become. However, one thing in my life I have attempted multiple times is to get onto a routine. Reflecting back, this should have been accomplished long ago if it wasn't for the conniving nature of my mind pleading its uselessness. Nevertheless, my mission statement for now is to continually improve myself paying no heed to the obstacles that attempt to detain me and make myself complacent with the here and now. Adjoining this portion of my overall goal enumerates to improving my routine so as that I may further improve my life. Forthwith, I plan to exceed in improving my routine as it proceeds to evolve further and further so that I may succeed in life.

My specific country of choice to visit or in this case revisit would Japan. Japan has a population of currently 127.3 million in which 99 percent of the Japanese population speaks Japanese and writes using Hiragana and Katakana. Shockingly, my first experience of Japan mainly consisted of Yokota Air Force Base and the walk to the train station for Narita Airport. Rewinding back to the core reason for my choice was that I never fully experienced the one place that I fell so much in love for. Steadfastly, I grasped onto my this "want" that eventually peered on the verge of need to go back. Reflecting on the minuscule amount of experience I had of Japan while I was there the passion and determination for it grew stronger and stronger as the days passed.

Fast forwarding to the present, I'm now enclosing in on my opportunity to go abroad once more to accomplish this long sought after goal. However, this time with no limitations to withhold my desires and lust of freedom to explore and learn. Processing this I quickly try to ahead. Though I soon realize there are no specific places I desire to visit nor explore. Countless hours upon hours consumed pursuing the thought process of where shall I venture! Surprisingly, however it isn't necessarily the locations as I previously assumed! Unknowingly, I wished to explore the culture and the residents! After, a protracted interval its seems though I shall be retrieving that chance during the summer of twenty-seventeen. Bewitchingly, Japan happens to my destination of travel to visit. The elation of this recurrence is unmistakably gratifying.

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