Military Connections in the Classroom Katelyn Slavik, paige adams, and madison tira

Do any of you all have experiences being military families? Has this affected school for you or your children?

Now, we are going to pass out scenarios to each table. Read the scenario with your table and come up with 3 things you could do to handle this in your classroom. You will have 5 minutes to discuss with your table and then we will share with the class.

Nathan’s dad is deployed currently and he has 4 siblings. He doesn’t see his mom as much as he would like and he misses his dad a lot.

Jessica’s mom is deployed currently and she has been acting out in the classroom. She won’t listen to directions and she keeps misbehaving.

David’s dad is currently deployed and he hasn’t been talking in class. He keeps to himself and has been crying a lot in class.

Julie’s mom is going to be deployed in one month. Julie is very confused and sad about what is going to happen.

Henry’s big brother is currently deployed. Henry looks up to his brother a lot and he misses him a lot. His parents told him that he needs to step up since his brother is gone. He now has been bossing everyone around in the classroom.

Kelly’s dad is coming back from deployment this week so she is really happy. However, she keeps rubbing it in Alex’s face. Alex’s dad is also currently deployed, but isn’t expected to come home for a couple more months.

How have you learned to cope/handle stress and has it been effective?

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