PROTO REINCARNATE 2017 PREMIERE WORLD SHOWINGS RECAP | written by: david coe | edited by: david bledsoe Photographs by: David Coe, Matt Mckeen, david bledsoe, and logan fuller.


VISTA, CA 11/25/17; After weeks of sleepless nights and endless hours of editing, PROTO Reincarnate was all set for its first world premiere at the AVO Theatre in Vista, CA on the West Coast of the United States. After 5 years since Armageddon 2012, PROTO was ready to premiere it's groundbreaking 3rd full length film showcasing a new team as a rebirth to the brand and the scooter world.

Crowd outside the AVO Theatre in Vista, CA.
Zack Martin and Andrew Broussard at the AVO
Doors opening at 7:00pm
Zack Martin and Parrish Issacs ready for the show.
Andrew proudly introduces the riders that were able to make it out on Thanksgiving weekend to the first premiere. Anxious to hit play, the world premiere of PROTO - Reincarnate 2017 then began.

The team, friends and family, and stoked riders caught the world's first viewing of a video the PROTO team worked so hard to create. Emotions were high for Andrew, Zack, Parrish, Chema and Andy, but rest of the team would not see the film until the New York City Premiere.


NEW YORK, NY; Restless, uncertain and excited the PROTO team embarked on a trip to the East coast to premiere their second world showing of PROTO Reincarnate 2017 at Helen Mills Theatre in the grand metropolis of New York City. The trip took place from December 8th-11th and consisted of Andrew Broussard, Matt McKeen, Zack Martin, Alex Steadman, David Coe, Jake Sorensen, Kirk Svensson, Chema Cardenas, Parrish Isaacs, Brandon Kilbury and PROTO OG’s Steven Sanchez, Elmer Ferreiras, and Brian Murphy.

As PROTO landed in New York, half of the team split up. Andrew, Chema and Brandon went and stayed with past PROTO teammates Elmer Ferreiras and Brian Murphy in the Bronx as they organized an old team reunion. The rest of the team stayed in Brooklyn with Erik Deptula who was grateful enough to let us all stay.

Part of the team in Brooklyn, NY.


From Left to Right: Matt McKeen, Alex Steadman, and homie Daniel Cardenas

With minor readiness, preparation, and a mindset that the weather would be decent… the team endured harsh frigid temperatures. The day of the premiere was the first snowfall, and according to locals, also the first cold day of the season. Some of the team handled the cold with ease.. including Matt, Chema, and Andrew. Chema inexplicably bared the harsh conditions in only a t-shirt at times. The rest of the team, who had never experienced a snowy winter in their lives, struggled to stay warm. Since Saturday happened to be snowing, the planned pre-premiere ride day at LES in Manhattan was changed last minute due to the skatepark being completely soaked. The new chosen location was Golconda skatepark in Brooklyn with hopes that it would be drier. Unfortunately upon arrival at Golconda skatepark the team discovered that it had also been drenched. Luckily, there were two dry spots to ride including a flat rail and a bank to ledge. As snow came down and freezing temperatures heightened, a crowd of 30 people from all over the East Coast still somehow managed to show up at the skatepark to ride with the team. After a few hours of shivering and riding to stay warm, the ride day concluded. The team then headed towards Midtown, Manhattan for some 2bros pizza and warmth before starting the trek to Helen Mills theater for premiere setup and pregaming.

Zack Martin - Icepick stall at Golconda skatepark
Team at Golconda skatepark
On the way to Helen Mills Theatre


Andrew Broussard and Alex Steadman setting up premiere posters outside the theatre
Andrew and Alex making sure the posters stay up

Once at the theater, after hanging the premiere posters the team met with past PROTO riders in the VIP room of the theatre and bonded as a crowd was slowly forming outside the doors of the entrance. As 7pm came closer, the snowball fights outside began to halt, and the commotion outside the doors began to grow louder. Once the clock ticked 7:00, the doors were jolted open. The stampede of people carrying their drenched scooters rushed down the stairs and clashed to claim their seats.

Commotion and shenanigans inside the theatre prior to the showing

The theatre quickly filled up and the noise level inside exponentially increased from what it was before outside. As Andrew stepped up on stage holding the mic; noise silenced. “Thank you all for coming out despite the crazy weather, but we have a treat for you before we start.” He called up East coast filmer John Cottle up onto the stage to announce the release of the ScooYork Video. John grabbed the mic and said: “ScooYork Bitch!” which made the crowd go mad. The ScooYork video was a groundbreaking opener to Reincarnate as it showcased a new awakening to the New York City and East Coast scooter scene.

John Cottle on stage for the release of the ScooYork Video
PROTO Team on stage in NYC.

The main feature, PROTO Reincarnate 2017 was up next, and everyone who was in the video took up to the stage where Andrew introduced the team to the crowd. Eager to start the video, everyone rushed back to their seats and the theatre suddenly went dark. Reincarnate was melting minds, destroying voices and made the crowd go insane. The excitement and celebration echoed throughout the theatre. After the video, everyone took to the lobby where so many high fives went down, DVD’s were sold, and the team signed basically everything. The post premiere lobby celebration got so hectic that Rahnel Lafayette boardslid the handrail to the entrance of the theatre. Afterwards, the premiere celebration continued at McFadden’s Saloon which was located a couple blocks away from Times Square. The team plus another twenty other scooter riders had practically overrun the bar. Later throughout the night, Brian Murphy was able to change what was on the TV’s in the bar to play PROTO Catalyst and Armageddon. The night was a continued celebration for scootering looking back at how far it and PROTO has come.


Elmer Ferreiras signing DVDs
Alex Steadman signing DVDs
Non stop signing
Andrew Broussard & Zack Martin signing DVDs

Premiere Celebration

Post premiere signing and shenanigans

Post Premiere Cruise

Top: Zack Martin - FS Hurricane | Bottom Left: Daniel Cardenas - Backlip | Bottom Right: Jake Sorensen - FS Lipslide
Left: Team cruising in NYC. Right: David Coe & Alex Steadman

Brooklyn Banks Sesh

Chema Cardenas - 5050 stall to fakie | Brian Murphy - Ruben Ride
Part of the PROTO Catalyst team at Brooklyn Banks
Chema Cardenas, Brian Murphy, Andrew Broussard, Steven Sanchez



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