Bobby's Ancient Civilization Tour

Hi, this is you tour guide, Bobby Bui. And today, we are going to tour a couple of the ancient civilizations. Hop on the time traveling jet and we will begin.

Our first destination is Ancient China. Hang on tight, and enjoy the the ride.

Here we are in Ancient China. As you can see, We are at the entrance of the Great Wall of China.

Let me explain about the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was put together by sticky rice glue. Levers were used to carry bricks into place. The Great Wall also separates China and Mongolia.

Now lets walk to the summit of the Great Wall

Entrance of the Great Wall.

Summit of the Great Wall (above)

The Great Wall is amazing. Isn't it?

Now we will head back to the time traveling jet and continue our tour.

Our next destination is Ancient Mesopotamia. So hang on tight.

View of the Hanging Gardens from the time traveling jet.

Wow, look down below, its the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Here we are at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Lets tour around the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Before we begin tour I will explain a little bit about the Hanging Gardens. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is a temple with plants around it. It was built in the ancient city of Babylon. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and it remains a mystery.

Tour of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

That's it for now and we will return to the jet.

Thanks for joining the tour and I hope you have a great day.


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