Mexico Luke, Landon, Emily, and Christina


The Mayan Ruins are a major tourist attraction in Mexico. Mexico's population consists of 15% rural and 85% urban. An interesting fact about Mexico is it is the 14th largest country by land size.


The logo we made relates to Mexico because Mexico has Palm Trees in it. We put palm trees because of the geography in Mexico. We added a soccer ball to it because of the team that plays for Mexico we also did this because the World Cup should be here.

We learned that Mexico is were the Zapatistas fight for independence, how some countries were freed from Europe, and where, when, and what 3 native tribes were like in Latin America.


The Government of Mexico would be very likely to accept the FIFA World Cup for the following reasons. One, the world cup would be broadcasted worldwide and show off the mexican landscape. And second, all of the tourists it would attract might want to come back!


Created with images by ^Joe - "Riviera Maya, Mexico" • KSI Photography - "passage" • Dance Photographer - Brendan Lally - "Mexican Dance" • ricardodiaz11 - "Cancun Beachfront" • ismael villafranco - "Cielos" • rodro - "bellas artes building mexico"

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