America is a land of second chance

By: Brandon Chen

America is a land of second chance:

America is a place known as second chance for people from around the world. People move to America to seek for another chance; for instance, the Ellis island is built for immigrant from Europe, immigrants need to pass through that island to access America. The reason why America let them in is because America wants to provide them a second chance, or get more labors to work in our work force, which also provides them a chance to work, and survive. Another example is the Hoover Dam. During the Great Depression, massive of people lost their jobs and needed a job to survive; therefore, the Hoover dam provides them a job to earn money to survive through the Great Depression.

“America is the land of the second chance - and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life.”

―George W. Bush

Historical Evidence 1...2...3...

Hoover Dam--July 07, 1930

Hoover Dam given more than 21,000 laborers added to its development. Hoover Dam likewise satisfied the objective of scattering the Colorado River through the dry Southwest scene, powering the improvement of such significant urban areas as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Fit for flooding 2 million sections of land, its 17 turbines produce enough power to control 1.3 million homes. The dam was assigned a National Historic Landmark in 1985 and one of America's Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders in 1994. It gets around 7 million guests every year, while Lake Mead, the world's biggest repository, has another 10 million as a prevalent entertainment zone. The Hoover Dam was a huge effect to the Great Depression, on the grounds that more than 21,000 individuals lost their employment, and were experiencing considerable difficulties one; subsequently, the Hoover Dam gave huge amounts of work opportunity.

13th Amendment--January 31, 1865, and ratified by the states on December 6, 1865.

The thirteenth Amendment to the U.S Constitution formally grouped servitude in America, it was confirmed on December 6, 1865, after the American Civil War. The revision states: "Neither bondage nor automatic subjugation, aside from as a discipline for wrongdoing whereof the gathering might have been appropriately indicted, should exist inside the United States, or wherever subject to their ward." After the thirteenth Amendment was sanctioned, various of African American slaves moved from South to North for a superior life, or satisfy their fantasy.

Provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants--June 27, 2013

In June, the U.S. Unique Court standoff 4-4 over a Texas case related to President Barack Obama's attempts to help countless outcasts by chance avoid ousting. That choice and distinctive events are keeping Obama from keeping his campaign ensure on an approach to citizenship for undocumented outsiders. Obama's ventures were relied upon to help certain people who came here as youths and their people. While it would not have given an immutable lawful status to applicants, it would have made it less complex for them to work and study here. The decision was another hit to Obama's attempts to change movement laws and certification to give an approach to citizenship.

Visual Representation


The sum of all the words around the America map, will be equal to providing people a "chance" or a "second chance". All the symbols from the left of the map meaning that some people may be homeless, have gone to jail, or has only a little bit of money. However, the right side of the map shows that how they can be extremely different if they are willing to try, and how America is willing to provide a "chance" or "second chance".

Two airplane with different race of people, coming from different countries. Meaning that people from different countries all came to the America to seek for a chance or second chance.

This person on a ghetto boat, with only one arm, and wears a broken shirt. meaning that no matter how poor, how they look, or how different they are. The America will always accept them and also provide them a chance, even a second chance. Also relate to the 13th Amendment, because this pron was a slave, but because of the 13th Amendment he got freed. He's around America to seek for a chance, second chance, or to fulfill his dream.

Pins around the map means 8 forms of success, and shows that sometimes in life people need to take the longer way to gain success; and people find success in America.

Barack Obama once said: "I believe that at its heart, America is a nation of second chances, and I believe these folks deserve their second chance."

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