Pheobe Sarah Herta Ayrton

Major Contributions- she helped found the International Federation of University Women & the National Union of Scientific Workers. She was the first women awarded the Hughes Medal for her electric arch work. She was the first female elected into the Institution of electrical engineers.

Birth- April 28, 1854 United Kingdom Death - August 23, 1923 United Kingdom

Degrees - Graduated from Girton College in Cambridge with her bachelors in science

Interesting Fact - She died from an insect bite. She was a women activist.

Pheobe Sarah was a very smart women. She contributed to science very much. She was many awards and was given many honors. She was among the first women to be very respected for her works in physics. She was awarded most for her work with the electric arch. Although she died when she was 69 due to blood poisoning.

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