The Donna Osborn Case Rhetorical Appeal Presentation

In Donna Osborn case I believe she is guilty for murdering her husband by shooting him because the pistol bullets matched with the one she used to kill him.In this case we have enough evidence and witnesses to prove that she is guilty for what she has done.You have the rights to shoot someone and try to protect yourself if they are attacking you with another weapon such as:knife,pistol,rifle or other weapons which are illegal to have in your house.

She used a 9 m.m. bullets to shoot him which passed through the left ventricle of the deceased’s heart. The other bullet severed the deceased’s aorta. The deceased died within two minutes of impact of the bullets.The bullets removed from the deceased, Clinton Osborn match those fired in ballistic tests by the Monroe County Crime Lab from the 9 m.m. Beretta pistol.She caused serious physical injury to her husband by shooting him.

9 m.m. bullet

Furthermore, the conflict started to appear from her accidents because her poor mothering and housekeeping skills were the source of their problems.Which later Clinton was claiming that he was not abusing her, and he was the one doing the family shopping all the time.Clinton was critical of Donna’s incompetence and he just wanted everything done the right way, Donna deserved the criticism from her husband.

Therefore, Donna convinced herself that she was the cause of the problem, not Clinton. For most of the marriage, Donna convinced herself that she was behaving in a manner, and during this period, Donna’s sense of isolation was heightened. She understood that her own life was threatened. While it is true that the repeated beatings, while terrible, were not life threatening.

To sum up, this case I declare Donna of being guilty for murdering in the Second Degree, a violation of Section 125.25 of the Penal Law, because every fingerprint that we got from her house is matching with the ones from the pistol that she had and used against her husband for murdering. The bullets which were removed from Clinton body were corresponding with the bullets from the pistol.

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