Grand Haven High School put on a community car parade on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate the graduating class of 2021.

(photo by Mike Baldus)

RIDING IN STYLE (TOP): Seniors Josie Mast, Carley Wagasky and Neala Wilson zip down Lakeshore Dr. on mopeds. "I felt super overwhelmed, but in a good way," Mast said. "It was nice to see so many people outside cheering for us. I was happy to do this with my friends. We had so much fun and appreciated every moment" (photo by Grace Montgomery). AMP IT UP (BOTTOM): Senior Liam Gural raises up his speaker blasting pump up music as senior Thomas Niemur waves out the window (photo by C.E. Sikkenga).

Seniors waved from cars while blasting music as family and friends gathered along the route to cheer them on.

(photo by C.E. Sikkenga)

The event was introduced last year as a way for seniors to reconnect after months of online school. It was brought back because of its popularity.

(photo by Mike Baldus)

THE BOYS (TOP): Seniors Evan Ferguson, Jack Kurburski, Michael MacDonald and Thomas MacDonald look towards the crowd of supporters (photo by Mike Baldus). NICE SHADES (BOTTOM): Senior Blaze Porter shows off his rock star sunglasses on his joyride down Harbor St. (photo by Mike Baldus).

Students were asked to decorate their vehicles and wear their cap and gown. They used a variety of materials including markers, posters, streamers and balloons to deck out their cars.

(photo by Mike Baldus)

The parade began at Lakeshore Middle School and continued through downtown, past the beach and down Lakeshore Dr. It ended at Grand Haven High School where students were met with free class t-shirts and tasty treats.

"When we got to the high school, there was this sense of community and excitement," Student Senate president Peyton Brill said. "We were all going around taking pictures and listening to music. It was a really special moment."

(photo by Mike Baldus)

RIDE THE WAVE (TOP): Seniors Austin Hendricks, Anthony Jones, Emma Laws and Ian Rant cruise by the Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium on Wave Co. scooters (photo by Mike Baldus). STYLIN' SMILE (BOTTOM): Seniors Leah Huyler, Maddie Mulvahill, Mia Strohmeyer and Eliza Taylor peek out of the top of a Jeep. "It was a bittersweet feeling," Mulvahill said. "It's awesome to see everyone enjoying themselves while doing the final fun senior activities as a group with support from the community. But, it's a little sad to know this was one of the last times we will ever be together as a class" (photo by Mike Baldus).

Overall, the event was successful. The seniors were able to finish the year off on a memorable note.

"Going into the parade was super bittersweet and surreal," Brill said. "There hasn't been a lot of events with just our class. To have this opportunity to come together was amazing."

(photo by C.E. Sikkenga)

(video by Grace Montgomery)