Biomedical engineering: Smart Toilet how and why Is a smart toilet helpful?

  • Biomedical engineering: The Smart Toilet
  • Essential Question: Is a smart toilet helpful?
  • I was first doing research on biomedical engineering, until someone mentioned this toilet and I realized that it actually has something to do with biology so here I am making my passion project based on a smart toilet.
  • What I already know about this toilet is that it can scan your urine and determine your health.

Are they really advanced?

According to the resource above, people don't really take a smart toilet seriously. That was surprisingly true, people laugh when they hear "smart toilet" because you literally sit on it just to do your business, but a smart toilet can actually be helpful to humans. It can save lives by alerting someone if they have a disease, before it's too late.

Although they are "smart toilets," and very helpful, they are quite vulnerable due to the fact that they are technological. Meaning they can actually be hacked.

How does the smart toilet work?

Toto's newest smart john, the Intelligence Toilet II, records and analyzes important data like weight, BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. There's a "sample catcher" in the bowl that can obtain urine samples. That's even impressive by Japanese standards that's impressive. -The information is then transferred onto to your computer via WiFi and can help you, with the guidance of a trained physician, monitor your health and provide early detection for some medical conditions.(If you're slowly turning diabetic, getting cancer, etc.) There will be graphs on your desktop PC that can show you how your glucose levels have been changing or varies, along with urine temperatures. These things can help diabetics time insulin shots and give them access into their hormone levels for women concerned with their menstrual cycles.

What exactly can the smart toilet do?

It turns out that a Japanese company actually created with the Flowsky toilet, which acts as a device to measure urine flow rates, a doctor that tells you if your health is at risk every time you need to do your business.. The pressure sensing toilet seat will also be able to measure the patient's blood pressure, as well as monitor the person's health through their bowel movements. The "Intelligence Toilet" system, created by Japan's largest toilet company, Toto, can measure sugar levels in urine, blood pressure, body fat and weight.

Is it pricey?

The smart toilet's price can range from the cheapest price: $3,500 to $6,000. It was developed by Toto in conjunction with homebuilder Daiwa House Industry. The prices do indeed sound a bit pricey, but if you take the time and consideration you will realize that it's actually worth it. Think about it, the cost of doctor appointments are from $30-$50. So, imagine paying thirty to fifty bucks just for an appointment and then paying for a shot or tests or medications. That does add up to big numbers, especially if you go frequently. That's why the smart toilet is convenient, because it will be your doctor and you'd probably just pay for the medications you will need.

Does the toilet have any special needs?

The toilet collects five cubic centimeters of urine before analyzing sugar levels, which takes one minute. A convenient factor would be the fact that the toilet cleans itself automatically after the one-minute long test. Users then move to the blood pressure monitor, wich is not very far, they then weigh themselves on a set of scales in front of the basin and measure their body mass index (BMI) after washing their hands. After the results are completed, they are transferred to a home network, and analyzed on a computer spreadsheet. The user is then are given advice about diets and exercise without having to speak to another human about it, think about, that's actually more comfortable.

Is the smart toilet comfortable?

There are some people who are tremendously ashamed of their weight, body fat, and health. They oddly prefer not to seek help if seeking help means speaking to another human about it. They're basically too afraid or embarrassed to be judged. Now, what can help someone with their health, isn't human, and doesn't judge? That would be the smart toilet. These people can actually get help, improve their health, and have a doctor without actually interacting with other humans.

Yes, the smart toilet is definitely helpful. It can save the lives of those hard headed people who insist that they will not seek help. It can save the lives of people who assume they're healthy, and it can help the ones who know they're sick maintain a semi healthy life. It not only helps the sick ones, but it can definitely help the healthy ones maintain their health.


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