The Malaysia and International perspectives in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest By loh chek swee. December 2016

Foresty is an important aspect to be considered in planning the sustainable development of a country. Forests contribute to the livelihoods of more than 1.6 billion people.

Forest and the forest products industry are a source of economic growth and employment, with the value of global forest products traded internationally. It also helps to maintain the fertility of soil, protect watersheds, and reduce the risk of natural disasters, such as flood and landslides.

Unfortunately, the current reality is the survival of biodiversity is dwindling by the day. There are few conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest.

Below are the challenges...


  • Lead to aquatic life dying
  • affect the quality of air and thus disrupt the life of animals and plants


  • affect and caused the extinction of flora and fauna.
  • Elnino phenomenon

*caused a sharp increase in world temperatures

*threaten the lives of animals and plants that do not comply with the warm weather


  • Lead to destruction of habitat and animal species
  • Exploit and reap considerable profit
  • Indirectly destroy forests


  • Development

>destroy ecosystem

  • Illegal logging

>the protected tree species such as meranti and cengal were felled

  • Road construction

>cause soil movement and collapse if not studied thoroughly


-cause an endangered species that exist in that area

-example : happened in Kalimantan and Sumatra

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