I looked and behold, great multitudes from every nation. All from different tongues, tribes, and coloration. We come together on this day my Lord, as common sinners that you have restored. Reveal to us what makes us the same as we become more like you, and your name we proclaim. Help us Father celebrate our differences as we overcome hindrances of ignorance to appearances. We remember that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made, souls of value that our ransoms you have paid. We gather in unity not in the power of man, but in the power of the salvation that belongs to our God and the Lamb. Amen.

Do you feel that the relation between majority and minority students at Liberty University is mostly positive, moderate, or negative? Please provide examples.

Why do you believe it is hard for minority students to appropriate to Liberty University culture? Isn’t our common belief in Christ sufficient for students to feel integrated?

Do you feel that the majority of students feel that minority complains and concerns are invalid or not truly supported?

Why does the underrepresentation of your ethnicity and the racial tensions in our country cause fear, worry, and concern for the future of racial harmony at Liberty University?

What do you wish that administration and staff would understand about being a minority student at Liberty University?

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