Good Life Performance Lorena Reis

The Spatial Experience

I really did enjoy the theatre itself. At first walking into the theatre, it felt a little cramped and small. However, I kept walking around and I discovered the area in the picture. I really like the glass designs that were hanging. This made me feel more excited for the play. I sat in a good location for the play. I was sitting in the center of the theatre and ten or so rows back from the stage. I wish I was able to sit closer to the stage, in order for me to see the actors more clearly. Sitting further back does not allow me to see their face expressions. The size of the audience was not gigantic neither was it small. It was a comfortable size of people, and I was able to fully enjoy the play because of it.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my boyfriend, John, who is also in the same IUF1000 class as me. We both got ready together, and we were excited to watch the play. All throughout high school, we would go see the high school plays, which were always so much fun. Attending the play with him enhanced my experience, because I felt very comfortable talking to him about the play. We had great conversations and opinions about the play. Shared experiences pays a role in the good life, because I feel that it is always enjoyable to attend an event with a friend or companion. Their opinions and companionship can enhance an experience and improve one's path to the good life.

Written Consent
Proper Documentation

This sculpture reminded me of culture. William King has made an impact on the culture of architecture. It helps me understand that our culture is always changing and improving. By understanding the evolvement of culture, I am able to understand the culture of the play, which takes place in Quebec City, Canada in 1905. I felt like the central issue being shown in this play was social class differences. Before seeing this play, I knew that differences between social classes has improved from 110 years ago, yet they still exist today. Watching the play really enhanced my thought. I though it was really powerful when Michaud thought it was so easy to create a play about poor people, but since he is privileged it was seen as almost impossible for him to successfully write and create one. On the other hand, the women in the shoe factory is another sign of the differences between the social classes. These women are economically oppressed.

Here I am standing next to a poster of the scheduled dance and theatre performances of the School of Theatre and Dance. Through dance and theatre, one is able to recognize different issues and to be exposed to different ideas and thoughts. One specific idea that I was exposed to during the play was katharsis, which means to come clean. Michaud and Sara Bernhardt are both privileged people in comparison to the majority lower/disadvantaged class at the time. I felt that they were truly able to examine that and step into that world when they come in contact with the factory workers. They were able to realize that these people weren't ignorant but were oppressed, and that they are the ones suffering to make the upper class happy. Through this, the audience, including myself, was able to recognize to examine these less-than-noble qualities and witness the idea of katharsis.


I took all of the pictures.

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