And One Will Rule Them All BY: CRISITNA DELGADO

A retired couple who now travels for pleasure a great deal. They want to be involved in their grandchildren's lives and will need support for their health, finances and personal care as they age.

The advantages of a smartphone will be an excellent tool for the couple to use. For example they can communicate with their grandchildren via text, phone call and receive pictures. They can have their bank app on their phone. This is convent for them to track exactly how much they are spending. They can also use apps that can track what types of food they should be eating more or less off. There are health apps designed to fit your individual body mass index for your age. They can go to a smartphone stores if they are having issues with their device and receive one on one training on how to use the device. They can use the web on their phone to search for anything or anywhere they would like to travel. They can link their bank account to certain apps to make it easy for them to purchase flights or hotels through their smartphone. They can get the smartphone that's on sale that way it's a better value. They phone will usually have updates which can always benefit them in case they need something more advance. The smartphone is a mini computer, phone, photo album and perfect to track finances.

The disadvantages of the smartphone is it could take a long time for them to remember how to use it. They probably will have a hard time using all it's features so they wouldn't be getting their money's worth since they are more expensive then regular phones. They can loose it if they are not careful where they leave it. They might get frustrated with the phone at first since its like trying something new.

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cristina delgado

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