Colorado State University Extension Tri River Area

Our Mission is to provide information and education, and encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state, and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises, and communities of Colorado.

What We Do

Community needs drive our work. Statewide engagement fuels our collaboration. Our educational programs are carried out through interdisciplinary groups with interrelated efforts, to bring about statewide engagement efforts, based on community needs. We foster a direct connection between Extension agents and campus and field-based subject matter specialists in five CSU colleges, to meet locally based, county, and regional needs of Coloradans. Our educational program are available through a variety of methods including web-based platforms, social media, traditional group meetings, one-on-one contacts, and diverse electronic program delivery channels.

  • 4-H Youth Development, STEM
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Gardening and Horticulture
  • Master Gardener Program
  • Livestock and Range
  • Entomology
  • Small Acreage Management
  • Agronomy and Soils

Our Programs

4-H Youth Development & STEM

TRA 4-H Agents: Trent Hollister, Jackie Shea, Brandon Creamer, and Nicole Goza

Learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills, 4-H members in Colorado 'make the best better'. 4-H programs are available through local 4-H clubs, 4-H camps, in-school and after-school programs, and grant-funded programs including AmeriCorps. With 112,000 members and over 11,600 volunteers, Colorado 4-H programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing. Kids complete hands-on projects in areas like science, health, agriculture, and citizenship in a positive environment. All 4-H programs include mentoring and career readiness as score elements and Colorado 4-H alumni say 4-H was the second most influential area of their youth, right behind family.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): Barbara Shaw and Nicole Goza

The 4-H School Enrichment and Outreach projects are designed to enhance classroom education with experience-based learning-"Learn By Doing". Classroom-ready projects teach life skills as well as specific subject matter with the help of 4-H Curriculum.

We have a variety of different topics and curriculum we can cover or provide to you! Many of our programs are aligned to CDOE standards for easy classroom or after school implementation.

Family and Consumer Science

FCS Agent: Ann Duncan

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS, though traditionally called Home Economics) is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics and management of the home and community. Our FCS programs feature: food safety (ServSafe), nutrition, Wellness, Cottage Foods Act, food preservation and many other topics.

Gardening and Horticulture

Gardening and Horticulture Agent: Susan Carter

Tri River Area Gardening and Horticulture program extends research-based information about plant-related concerns to home gardeners, the Green Industry (nurseries, sod farms, lawn care companies, arborists, etc.), commercial vegetable producers, government entities, and other community members and agencies in Mesa, Delta, Montrose, San Miguel and Gunnison Counties.

Master Gardener

Master Gardener Coordinator: Susan Honea

Master Gardener program is a vital part of Colorado State University Extension outreach for the counties of Mesa, Delta, Montrose, and Ouray in Western Colorado. Our Master Gardener volunteers are our valued partners, helping us provide accurate, research-based information to the members of our communities on many aspects or horticulture.

Livestock and Range

Livestock and Range Agent: Doug Dean

We aim to provide leadership and organization in the development, implementation, evaluation, and reporting of educational programs in Livestock and Range management in the Tri River Area. We specialize in range management issues, range monitoring, livestock management, rotational grazing systems, grass hay production/improved pastures, weed control, small and large acreage issues, ranch management, and wildlife management.


Entomology Agent: Bob Hammon

Colorado is home to many species of insects ranging from beneficial to harmful. Extension has resources to help identify insects and appropriate control measures.

Small Acreage Management

Small Acreage Management Agents: Isaac Munoz and John Rizza

The TRA (SAM) Small Acreage Management program provides educational programs for small acreage landowners and entry-level agriculturalists in Mesa, Delta, Montrose and Ouray Counties. The workshops, conferences, webinars, field demonstrations, and our vast array of information can help you meet your objectives no matter what level of experience you have.

Agronomy and Soils

Agronomy and Soils Agent: Ron Godin

Our TRA Agronomist is a soil scientist by trade, education and experience with an emphasis on soil fertility and crop nutrition. He has 20 years experience in irrigated crop production with fruit, vegetable and hay crops. Ron's extension work focuses on sustainable and organic commodity crops, such as alfalfa/hay production, sweet corn and field corn production and fruit crops, hops production, and soil health issues. Soil health issues would include salinity, alkalinity, and selenium management in the soils and water.


Tri River Area Colorado State University Extension

Call you local office to see what we can assist you with today!

Mesa: 970-244-1834 Delta: 970-874-2195 Montrose and Ouray: 970-249-3935


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