Academic Advisement Center

What is it?

Academic Advising helps students in three main ways.

  • General Education
  • Major Exploration
  • Titan Degree Audit (TDA) completion
University Hall

The Academic Advisement Center helps students complete their General education requirements and helps them find the best classes to help them with their major. Every student is required to take a certain amount of General Education courses, and the advisers at the Academic Advisement Center wants students to find the best classes that'll best suit their major. Or if the student is undeclared, perhaps a set of classes that'll explore different majors in order to help them choose a major.

Each student has a Titan Degree Audit that shows their own path toward getting a degree. The TDA shows what classes have been completed, what classes have not been completed, and it also shows what classes you are currently taking. On the TDA there is also a record of what classes you have taken and the grade received in that class.

A lot of what the Academic Advisement Center does is make sure they get the students to graduation. Not always, but sometimes, students would expect to graduate at the end of the semester they're in, but as it turns out, they are not able to since they have not completed all the requirements on their Titan Degree Audit. Sometimes they miss a small section that'll need to get completed before they could graduate. The advisers at the Academic Advisement center want to help students avoid this situation.

Major Exploration

Students who come to Cal State Fullerton undeclared would want to utilize this resource the most because it helps a lot with finding the right major for them. If a student is undeclared, they have until they complete 60 units to declare a major, which is usually about 2 years, if a student takes 15 units a semester. The Academic Advisement Center helps students find things that they find interesting and help choose a major that best matches those interests. After they find a major, then they could head to the career center for help beyond graduation.

Who does this resource benefit the most?

Any student is welcomed to make an appointment with one of the advisers in order to help them complete their Titan Degree Audit. It can help anyone, and it'll help them make sure they have completed all general education courses and are on track toward graduation. This campus resource however would probably be most useful toward underclassmen since they are the ones who would have more general education classes. Especially if a student is undeclared, this resource would be very beneficial toward them in helping them find a major and completing general education courses.

The Academic Advisement Center also deals with First Time Freshman probation, which is for freshmen students who aren't doing so well in their classes.

To wrap up, the Academic Advisement Center helps students graduate when they plan to, it helps undeclared students find a major, and it helps students complete their Titan Degree Audit.

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