Duración: 3h 15m

Género: Película épica de desastres románticos

Clasificación: PG-13

Director: James Cameron

Actores: Leonardo DiCaprio

Actriz: Kate Winslet

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures (América del Norte) 20th Century Fox (Internacional)

País: estado unido

Fecha de lanzamiento: 4 de Abril de 2012

Citar: "Saltas, salto recuerdo? No puedo alejarme sin saber que estarás bien ... Eso es todo lo que quiero."

Resumen: Rose y Jack se encontraron en el titánico. Se enamoraron el uno del otro, pero ocurrió un desastre. La nave golpeó un iceberg y siguió hundiéndose. Al final, Jake muere para dejar que Rose viva para siempre.

The reason I choose Titanic is because it is very classic. I like this movie not only because of Jack and Rose's love story but also the shock that I feel from the movie scene. The "unsinkable ship" Titanic, when it hit an iceberg in the Atlantic, it is so fragile, the ship quickly sank with thousands of life. In the dark night, the critical moment, the human nature of good and evil, the noble and despicable show clearly, facing the choice of life and death, women and children were sent to the first lifeboat to escape. Jack and Rose did not choose to go to the lifeboat, they want to stay together. For save Rose on a piece of wood, Jack gives up his life.


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