Erasmus+ Spain, Madrid

On our way to Madrid.
Here's are the students of team Finland. (From left to right) Nella, Krista, Selja, Teemu and Unto.
Here's the whole team Finland, ( teachers from left to right) Päivi, Tapio, Tuija, Lotta-Pia, Mika and Rita.
At the first day we visited this park with awesome bush maze and cool looking sculptures.
This is me at plaza with Winnie the Pooh. The person inside the costume charges from pictures because this is his income. He told me that if it was a good day he may earn about 30e.
The city of Toledo at its beauty. It has old fashion buildings, sculptures and fountains.
Toledo has really beautiful river called Tagus beside it.
You can take really beautiful pictures from these bridges that crosses Tagus. Unfortunately i dont have any :(.
We visited Retiro Park at very center of downtown. It's over 120 hectares big and it has many attraction in it, such as crystal palace and boating lake.
Crystal palace from the other side of pond.
The pond.
Picture of crystal palace inside.
The boating lake.
Retiro park had long sidewalks with lots of trees and bushes.
Plazas are important in Spanish culture. It's the place where you hangout after studies or work.
Government has decorated walls, sidewalks, roundabouts, sidewalks etc... to make the city more beautiful.
Churrors are fried dough that tastes really good. Churrors are usually served with hot chocolate. For my opinion i like mine churror with dark chocolate.
Picture of "Tortilla de Patatas". It's basically potato omelet. I find it really good and expletive.
This is Tapas. It's basically a plate with lots of food, example. olives, ham, beans, sausage.
New castle of Manzanares el Real is castle from late 14th century and entirely made from granite stone. It's four towered castle witch means it's not that big. It has these holes for defensive purposes.
It has 6 floors plus basement. Now days is a gallery that anyone can wisit for free.
Picture of the castles walls inside.
After the trips and school we had couple days free with our hosts. We went to parks and malls to hangout with other people.
TGB "The Good Burger" it's a local place where youngsters gather up and hangout.
About a week later we came back to Finland. Thank you for this awesome and pleasant trip and hoping to see you all again :).


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