The Three Ways to Endorse Your Checks (and How to Write Them)

The first endorsement method I will be instructing you on is a blank endorsement. A blank endorsement would most likely be used if you wanted to cash a payroll check in front of a teller. To do this, you simply write your signature at the top of the check.

Say you wanted to transfer a check's funds to someone else. For this, you would use a special endorsement. To do this, you write "Pay to the Order of" at the top, followed by the name of the person underneath. Finally, underneath that, you would add your signature.

The final type of endorsement would be used if, for example, you wanted to send a check through the mail to be deposited in your checking account at the bank, known as a restrictive endorsement. This is completed by writing "For Deposit Only" at the top, followed underneath by the Account # ------, and finally, underneath that, your signature. While the below image displays some variation, either or the one detailed in my post are acceptable.

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