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Who are they?

Homophobic university students are usually young people of 18-26 years old. They tend to adopt negative stereotypes and prejudices. Occasionally, they demonstrate provocative and violent attitudes towards the LGBTQ Community, including swearing, offending, humiliating and marginalizing anyone who is different. They believe that being homosexual is a sickness, something abnormal, or they call it a trend of our times. They tend to be ignorant on issues about homophobia. They do not research the issue, thus they do not learn. Occasionally, when they find out that someone close to them is homosexual, they slowly disappear from his/her life.

The University Student Caffé
The University Student Caffé

Some Statistics

EU LGBT Survey by FRA
EU LGBT Survey by FRA


What do they need?

It is important for university students to get informed and develop awareness in related issues concerning the LGBTQI+ Community, and to go beyond their prejudices. The aim of this project is to do exactly that. It is hoped that if they are better informed, they will realise the importance of this issue and with a free mind, they might leave behind any previous prejudices they used to have.


The Ideate Process
  • LGBT event (people from the community joined and tell their stories)
  • LGBT Con (Conference with games + stories + movies)
  • Informative Leaflets
  • Infographic (LGBT related)
  • Zines / Booklets / Brochures
  • Posters - Campaign
  • Ad
  • Informative Website
  • Quiz on a Website
  • LGBT App
  • Create LGBT table / inform about LGBT issues
  • Leaflets on Student cars
  • Concert / Theatre
  • Street Art / Graffiti
  • Wayfinding - stickers lead to the playing cards stand
  • Playing Cards inform you about LGBT - students can have for free to play
  • Interactive stand for the playing cards
  • Interactive installation / user can join
  • Live action Video
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Game
  • Board Game
  • One-off event with games
  • Social Experiment
  • Table / Stand
The Ideate Process


What do our target audience enjoy doing?

Often university students enjoy playing cards, while drinking their coffee at the university student coffee shop. Therefore, we came up with the idea of creating special playing cards, designed to inform young people about LGBTQ. We can say for certain that most of them have never been informed about issues relating to the LGBTQI+ Community.

What students enjoy doing

We decided to create a product...

We will make playing cards...



In order for us to be able to bring our idea to life, people's support and contribution is needed. To create our product, we have certain expenses. We need to collect about $500, which will be used to print the decks of cards. The decks will be given to the university student coffee shop, where students will be able to borrow them and use them.


We have created a crowdfunding page, to collect the needed amount of money for our project. Please donate and support this effort to address homophobia among university students. We are grateful to all who support this effort.


You can also support us by spreading the word about our effort, by sharing our campaign with your friends.

They wrote about us


The Rainbow School is supporting us by providing us the information that will be used for the cards. (Special thanks to Angelos Skimpas, Elena Skarpidou, Maria Magdalena and Rinio Simeonidou)

The "LGBT and friends" club of Cyprus University is supporting us by promoting our project. (Special thanks to Stefanos Ioannou and Niki Koutsoftides)

Playing Cards Information

Information for the Playing Cards


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