Barney Stinson Takes On Clemson By James Piechnik

For people who have seen How I Met Your Mother, you know exactly the kind of person Barney Stinson is and what he would do at Clemson. But if you haven't seen the show, I'll give you a little run down of who Barney is and what would happen if he ever ended up at Clemson.

The best way to describe Barney is that he is legendary which also happens to be his favorite catch phrase. He is a womanizer who uses plays out of his "playbook" to pick up girls. He also loves to wear expensive suits, play laser tag, drink scotch and whatever else he would qualify as being legendary.

If Barney were ever to find himself at Clemson, he would tear this campus apart. Not literally of course. He would be the talk of the town within an hour and there wouldn't be a single person who didn't know his name. He might even be more famous than Desean Watson. With an unlimited amount of girls and alcohol I don't think he would have any problem having the time of his life. However, if he were to go to a frat party he wouldn't settle for any of the cheep beer that they have. He wouldn't settle for anything less than the best scotch.

I really do wish that Barney could actually come to Clemson because Barney has always been my favorite TV character. In conclusion, if Barney Stinson ever came to Clemson it would be legen...wait for it...DARY.

Created By
James Piechnik

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