Is there bias in the media? Has this affected our most recent presidential election? By: MAtthew Voight

Did you ever get tired of all the constant advertisements calling Hillary Clinton a traitor or Donald Trump repulsive? We all hear constant complaining about these two candidates during the 2017 American presidential campaign and we never thought it would end. But with all of this bickering and endless attacks from the media; are these news stations actually biased towards a candidate and does the media have an effect on our decisions?

We first have to examine how much media coverage these candidates are receiving. Last September, The Washington Post compiled 21,981 articles written about the past election dating back to July 1, 2015. These articles came from numerous major media outlets varying in political bias.

The amount of coverage battled between each candidate during the early primaries was close until it became dominated by Donald Trump once the people presumed that he would be nominated. But Trump was also the master at manipulating the media.

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