Bethany Hamilton A Surfer, different than most


Bethany Hamilton is a surfer from Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 1990. At age 13 she had her left arm bitten off by a 14 foot tiger shark. She has been professionally surfing since 2007 with only her right arm. The day was October 31, 2003. While out surfing with some friends she was lying on her board and was suddenly pulled back and forth with no pain. She noticed the water around her was turning red, while her friends noticed that her arm was almost severed to the shoulder. She was rushed to the hospital and no longer had a left arm. One month following the attack her determination led her to being on the water again. In 2004, she wrote an autobiography titled Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board which soon became a bestseller. In 2005 Bethany won the NSSA National Championships, further proving she has overcome obstacles. In 2007 she started competing in the pro circuit.

Courageous Act

Bethany's love for surfing, made her determined to get back on the board. If it weren't for her love to be back on he waters, she may have never gone out again. With only having one arm, her safety was a big concern. While she still knew this, she went out and surfed. She was very successful after many attempts to surf with only one arm. After many hours of practice, the results were outstanding. She wrote a bestselling autobiography, she won Explorer women's division at the 2005 NSSA national championships, and began competing in the pro circuit in 2007.


Bethany Hamiltons story has shown me that if someone like her can do amazing things like that. What kind of excuses can do I have? I don't have the time? I don't have the resources? All of these mean absolutely nothing to someone that has only one arm. As a life lesson, I think that everyone should understand that if you put your mind to something, truly put your mind to it, then you can accomplish it.

By: Ellis Walker and Jack smith

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