What I first thought of the Holocaust was that it was just this massive genocide of the Jews. Now I know that it was far more than just the Jews. The Nazis would kill anyone who did fit their understanding of an "ideal" human.
How is Holocaust and the present day genocide against the Christians similar? The Holocaust and the present day genocide against the Christians are similar in the way that they are doing these massive killings of the Christians just because of their beliefs. Like the Nazis they aren't just killing Christians, they are killing anyone who has a different belief than them.

To me one of the most courages person to live through the Holocaust was Anne Frank. The Frank family went into hiding along with a second family in an extremely small room. In hiding, they have to keep very quiet, are often frightened and pass the time together as well as they can. Anne found comfort in her diary that is extremely known across the world. She stayed in hiding until she was found and sent to a camp were she died.

The now a day connection I made was with the genocide happening now in Iraq and in the Middle East. Thousands of Christians and Jews are being murdered simply because they aren't of the same belief as them. Families in the Middle East live in fear of being killed everyday because of their religion.

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