Cities of opportunities

At times Orlando can be the happiest city in America while enjoying a good time at Disney World and also the saddest when recovering from attacks. Orlando is where Disney world is located, this is the city where dreams come true for kids, as well as adults who have not been there.

Los Angeles is where everyone tries to become famous and wealthy so they can live out their dream. You always want to make sure you stay humble to the people who helped you through all of the rough patches you were going through in order to get to the position you are at.

We chose New York to tell everyone don't always be in a hurry to do everything, enjoy the little things in life. Make sure you realize how lucky you are to be living in such a beautiful place.

We did San Francisco because people probably don't realize how great of a place that city is, San Francisco has so many serene places around the whole city including the Golden Gate Bridge, and Lombard street.

Las Vegas was chosen because the city is very vibrant at night and even during the daytime it is still a nice scene to be at and around it looks very serene.

Miami is a wonderful city it's always warm and it's always calm And nice weather it doesn't rain much either. And also the beaches in Miami are amazing.

Chicago is just beautiful it's mainly known for its amazing skyline and it is also mainly known for its sports teams Chicago has its bad times but overall it's still wonderful people also love to visit the downtown area and visit the “Bean”.

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