EHS: The Magazine of Episcopal High School Table of Contents


A Deep Dive Into D.C. How the EHS faculty is preparing to integrate Washington resources — from museums to businesses — into the curriculum more than ever before.

The Freshman Insider’s Guide to EHS Juniors in the new role of prefect are helping ninth graders navigate the first year, from building good study habits to waging Nerf gun fights.

What Makes Them So Fast? Seniors Alli and Claire Boehm became the most dominant pair in Maroon track history almost overnight. Their story is about family, a shared drive for excellence, and courage.

The Disaster Artist Dennis Clancey ’00 has fought in Iraq’s Triangle of Death, managed earthquake relief, and run with the bulls of Pamplona. In danger, he says, lies purpose.

"The Time Is Always Now" Courtney Gunter Rowson ’95 and Lindsey Dorman Johnson ’07 launched businesses that are winning attention from the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Forbes.


See highlights from winter athletics, plus a roll call of award winners from the season.

Watch the Thanksgiving Vespers service where, in a new tradition, students give thanks for the staff and faculty who have made a difference in their lives.

Students talk about the faculty and staff who have changed their lives:

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