Franklin County STAR Program

The Franklin County Treasurer’s primary responsibility is the collection of real estate taxes. In addition, we are tasked with the management of the county’s financial assets, providing safety, liquidity and earning a market rate of return. We will manage the assets honestly, efficiently and responsibly to ensure the Treasurer’s Office is governed in a professional manner that will be transparent to the property owners of Franklin County. The Treasurer’s Office will optimize the use of Franklin County’s assets through the employment of technology, efficient best practices and sensible management. Our agency mission is to complete our tasks and responsibilities in a way that enhances the lives of all Franklin County property owners.

Decrease the amount of property owners losing their homes to foreclosure due to real estate property tax delinquency- Goal #6 of Rise Together: A Blueprint for Reducing Poverty in Franklin County is to enable more families at or near poverty to afford quality housing and reducing the percentage of housing-cost burdened families

The Franklin County Treasurer created a Housing Taskforce following collaboration with the Kirwan Institute, United Way of Central Ohio, banking partners, various local leaders, and other community members. As a result of these previous discussions and recommendations from the Taskforce, the Franklin County Treasurer established the role of Director of Retention Services. The Director of Retention Services will oversee the STAR Program which will sustain, teach, advocate for and retain homeowners at risk to losing their homes to real estate property tax foreclosure. Under the leadership of the Director of Retention Services, the STAR Program will introduce homeowners to resources to achieve stability. The STAR Program will advocate on behalf of the homeowner to ensure they become a priority among all partnering organization.

The Director of Retention Services will assist residents at risk to losing their homes to real estate tax foreclosure with the following:

  • Provide an application
  • Facilitate a direct hand-off to partnering resources for the homeowners.
  • Ensure homeowners stay on track with the program

Homeowners entering delinquency for the first time please contact the Delinquent Tax Department at (614) 525-3431

Retention services begins at two distinct levels:

Level One: Homeowners who are entering delinquency for the first time and are not at high risk of foreclosure.

Level Two: Homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes due to real estate tax foreclosure.

In Franklin County a vast majority of individuals who lose their homes to foreclosure had their mortgages paid off, and simply are unable to afford their property taxes. Historically, the areas of Franklin County where many of these property tax foreclosures occur are the same areas where we see high rates of concentrated poverty, crime, infant mortality, food insecurity, and domestic violence. When a homeowner loses their home, they lose the foundation of their life. However, retention services are not centered around just the home. It also focuses on what happened in the homeowner’s life that caused them to enter delinquency. We are providing retention services to create self-sufficiency among homeowners.

For more information on the Franklin County Rise Together: A Blueprint for Reducing Poverty in Franklin County, visit https://commissioners.franklincountyohio.gov/COMM-website/media/Documents/FRANK-Report-1-10-Web-Ready-(Large)_1.pdf


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