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Fitness industry is a monster. All they want us is to hate our bodies, and forget our favorite foods. We could spend hours browsing through the fitness blogs, which comes-up with new exercises, tips and bunch of great fitness recipes! And they do it all so that ultimately we buy their stupid diet plans. And surprisingly we do it not once or twice but again and again and again.

In general women irrespective of paid or default job has lot in her plate and the only missing factor is right Inspiration, and motivation. The real culprit behind all this is inappropriate guidance because our ideas about food are so messed up and hacked my these fitness company that we think we have no idea what to eat.

I have started this blog as a way to document a workout life after becoming a mom and for the busy people out there! As a personal trainer, I emphasize being healthy and getting fit for every woman even when you have almost no time and do it without sacrificing your lifestyle!

This blog doesn't just feature workout tips and tricks (though it provides those too), but it also features funny pictures, captions followed with your feedback and comments, and on days when you need extra motivation feel free to chat. The key is setting a gradual/baby step weight-loss goal which would include tips, tricks and advice which would make work out fun, not painful.

The blog is deliberately designed for 2-5 minutes read to save time, to the point, and would cover one topic each day. Weekends and holidays exempted as it’s meant to be only shared with family

I have a simple goal to provide a memorable and reliable experience to all the people out there. It would be directly from the horse’s mouth as I’m not a celebrity/or have an incredible bank account to hire a personal trainer. So all the people out there who have a desperate hidden desire to procrastinate fitness goals gear-up yourselves as I would love to add you and randomly select your picture for my post.

I’ll also add that this blog is just as awesome for men as they are for women!

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