Good Life performance By: Davies Gage

The performance at the Constans Theater Offered me an amazing look at the world of theater. It was a great opportunity and I love to see shows that I have never seen before. It opened my eyes to some real world problems I never would've seen otherwise and taught me how theatrical performance can open the worlds eyes to forgotten problems or new innovative ideas.
The spatial experience: When I entered the theater the whole atmosphere changed. Everything became more proper and yet excitement hung in the air. Everyone was dressed so nicely and were extremely energetic. People talked amongst their friends eager to get inside. When I got into the theater I decided to sit in the middle section closer to the upper row. This gave me a great view of the theater and it helped to enhance the dramatic ambiance. The theater was spacious and beautifully set up. All this contributed to the enjoyable experience I witnessed. This helped me realize that actions and activities I participate in day to day really bring me joy and make life worth it.
The social experience: I attended the theater with two of my close friends which made it a lot more enjoyable. because it was a new experience we all got to appreciate together. We all entered curious yet skeptical how things would go. Preparing for the play was nice because we all increased the enthusiasm by trying to coordinate what types of cute outfits to wear. Going with my friends was a good idea because we all collaborated on the emotional and spiritual aspects of the performance. It allowed us to answer each others questions and share our interpretations of it all. This helped me with my interpretation of the goodlife because sharing memorable experiences with friends is really something to cherish in life.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This play describes the atrocities committed by an older priest on young boys and the importance of theater in expressing worldly problems we wouldn't talk about otherwise. It showed me that there are so many problems in the world that are just easier to ignore but when we do we accept these horrors as part of daily life. I grew up in a pretty well-off family and never experienced the troubles and sacrifices of poverty. This really helped to educate me on stuff I never really learned about before. This performance helped me to learn more than the factual evidence of the hardships of poverty but the actual emotional scaring and remorse it brings along with sickening feelings inside. This subject matter related loosely with my with the loss of loved ones and all the anger and loss of purpose one feels after. Emotion were the most important and deepest parts of acting. When it came to loosing loved ones I felt anger along with the same kind of helplessness talbot felt when he lost his brother.
The Emotional Experience: The play, "The Divine: A Play ForSarah Bernhardt" provided me with a Kathartic opportunity because of the way emotions were expressed in the performance. It showed how deep feelings of of spirituality and hardships of poverty were all around and prominent in society. As it relates to me this play showed me how important it is to express ones stories, hardships, and emotions. These are extremely important aspects for self respect and being able to create a change in ones life.

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