Australian Masters Games Volunteer training course


Welcome and congratulations on choosing to volunteer at the 16th Australian Masters Games! Being a volunteer can be a rewarding experience. You will make new friends, learn new skills, give back to the community, have fun and most importantly make the 16th Australian Masters Games a huge success. The Games would not be possible without the generous support from volunteers such as yourself. As a volunteer you will have the chance to support competitors, spectators and Games organisers in making sure the Games run smoothly.

Through volunteering you will have the opportunity to make visitors feel welcome and showcase our wonderful community. When they go home they can share their positive memories of this region and the games with their family and friends thanks to your volunteering efforts.

Welcome to the Australian Masters Games to be held in Tasmania on the North West Coast. This year the games will be hosted by x, y z sponsors with the assistance of 1000 local volunteers.

Australian Masters Games | 1:43 mins

"This short will deliver x w z for you and assist you in your preparation for volunteering the the AMG. You be joined by 1000 other great amazing people..."

Polo for overs 50s

This awesome sport will comprise of 10 rounds of polo followed by a BBQ.

The survey of 112 staff (68 male 44 female) revealed a cohort of disengaged and dissatisfied Level B researchers who felt their potential to establish a research career in their own right was constrained by their limited opportunities to network and collaborate beyond the immediate research groups within which they are employed. Amongst Level B and C researchers, there was no relationship between years of experience and academic level with half of Level B researchers having a research career the same length as Level D and E staff (16-21+ years).

Just over half of the interviewees were tenured with 15% having a contract length of one year or less. The vast majority of the professoriate and senior leadership team surveyed were sixty years of age or over indicating that an age-related attrition event might be expected amongst ERS staff in the next five years. Despite evidence of collaboration from

Diverse sports for everyone of all ages.
Never too late to give it a go.


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