Leadership in Sports Organizations Erin Andrews, Amanda Cummings, Olivia Garrison, Riley Morningstar, and Josh Strickland

What is leadership? What words come to your mind when you hear this term?

A WordCloud describing characteristics of leadership

Effective Leadership Plan

1. Develop a leadership message

2. Deliver the leadership message

3. Sustain the leadership message


Direction, Support, Inspiration, Motivation

Leadership Styles

Task-Oriented Communication: Their focus is on the task, not the person. They may ignore the feelings and feedback of others. They have close supervision and rigid communication.

Relationship-Oriented Communication: Their focus is on the provision of a supportive, trusting, and respectful environment. They do not closely supervise performance. They actively listen, solicit opinions, and recognize feelings.

Dr. John Spinda, the Communication Department's 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year, shares his ideas on what leadership is and the toxicity of a bad leader, as well.

Bill Sutton

The founding director of the sport and entertainment business management MBA at the University of South Florida

"Leadership needs to be able to craft a vision that is attainable and can be realized, and most importantly articulate that vision of success throughout the organization, and define their respective roles in helping to realize that success. Remember, informed people are involved, and involved people are inspired.”

Source: USF Muma College of Business

Suzette McQueen

The Senior Associate Commissioner of External Operations & Strategic Marketing for the CIAA

  • "An ongoing process"
  • "Vision permeates the organization"
  • "Clear, everyone understands why"
  • Bad leader: lack of communication

Source: CIAA

Good vs. Bad Leadership in Sports Organizations

The football program at Baylor University

  • Since 2011, Baylor University has had numerous allegations come to light including sexual assault, drug possession, and theft.
  • On February 11, 2013, Art Briles was notified by an assistant coach that a female student-athlete was accusing a football player of brandishing a gun at her.
  • On September 13, 2013, Shillinglaw sent a text to Art Briles notifying him that a player who had gotten a massage had "supposedly exposed himself and asked for favors.”
  • On September 20, 2013, a player was arrested for assault and threatening to kill a non-athlete.
  • On August 15, 2015, a player was arrested for possession of marijuana.
  • Source: MSN.com

The football program at Clemson University

  • Strong leaders- Ben Boulware, Deshaun Watson, Christian Wilkins
  • Dabo holds players accountable for their actions
  • Social Media Blackout
  • "Clemson graduated football players at nearly the same rate (79% vs. 78%) as the rest of the school's male body."
  • Source: TIME Sports

Group Reflection - Model Sports Organization

The Spurs have made 20 straight playoff appearances, winning five titles in this span. //Courtesy: Rantsports.com//

Want to know what leadership looks like in a model sports organization?

Look no further than San Antonio, Texas.

"We get guys who want to do their job and go home and aren't impressed with hoopla. One of the keys is to bring in guys who have gotten over themselves. They either want to prove that they can play in this league-or they want to prove nothing. They fill their role and have a pecking order. We have three guys who are the best players, and everyone else fits around them." -Gregg Popovich to Sports Illustrated, 2009

To wrap it up...


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