Christianity By: Maximus Johnson

Christianity dates back to the death of jesus in A.D. 33 in what is now Isreal. In christianity there is only the belife in one god and the teachings of jesus. Christianity is very closley realted to the jewish religion as they see jesus as the prophet or the chosen one.

One key major belief is that god created everything and that we should live by the teachings of god and Jesus. This can all be found in the holy book called the bible which is translated into almost any language. In Christianity a major leader is the pope who is in charge of major decisions in the religion. In Christianity a major part is going to church at least once a week usually on Sundays.

In Christianity there are many sects that are like branches such as Catholics roman catholic and baptist. These are all very closely related but some of the aspects are switched with different beliefs and or holidays.

In Christianity there are two major holidays which are Christmas and Easter. On Christmas we celebrate the day that Jesus was born and Christians go to mass and spend time with family to celebrate. Easter the Christians celebrate the day that Jesus resurrected and is also celebrated by a mass and spending time with family.


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