It All Began in a Garden U of L, coutts centre for western Heritage - August

My third and final instalment, until a new garden season rolls around and there are things growing once again at the Coutts Centre. We'll be walking through the gardens during the month of August as plants begin to go to seed and prepare for their winter sleep.

This time of year gardens begin to take on a new look. Seed pods provide weird and wonderful decorations where the graceful poppy once grew. Other plants share their seeds with birds and the wind to find new homes to grow in. As we are not overwhelmed with an abundance of blossoms those that are still available get more of our attention.

It's a colourful time - with bees working hard and butterflies enjoying nature's bounty
Some plants in seed are even more beautiful than their former selves.
Sculptures hidden by the summer growth begin to reveal themselves.

Still to be found are some variety of lilies

When visiting on a Sunday, plan your visit to include brunch. The men can visit while the women enjoy the gardens.
Fruit begins to ripen as their leaves turn from green to red...
or from green to pink...
while bees work frantically to harvest as much nectar as possible.
The poppy seed heads are adorned with tiny crowns
their pods full of next years bounty
as they fade from green to golden brown
While most poppies have gone to seed there are always a few late bloomers to provide nourishment for the bees.
Although this blossom is unlikely to bear fruit before the first heavy frost the plants in the vegetable garden are still putting out possibilities.
Camera Obscura

If you're a wee bit claustrophobic like me, you won't stay long in the camera obscura, but you should definitely go in. It is certainly interesting and I would like to try getting some interior shots using my tripod but I would need someone I really trust to stay outside and make sure I don't accidentally become locked in.

Once a month, from May to August, the centre hosts en plein aire events where artists are encouraged to come and enjoy the gardens inspiration to create their works of art. An annual show of works created during these times is hosted in Lethbridge in December. Artist's are welcome to the gardens at any time but these events are to encourage the arts community to come and enjoy creative time together.

The Tapp house provides a view of how family farms of the 1930s looked.
Sunflowers are in abundance at the Coutts Centre, which the birds will appreciate this winter.
Late blooming zinnias add lovely hits of colour.
I am glad that some varieties of clematis choose to bloom later that the rest.

As we finish our virtual garden walk for August I can't help but look forward to my future visits to these lovely gardens.

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography